Monday, January 25, 2010

Zach Levi in Less Than Perfect

First season cast of Less Than Perfect

Genre: Comedy, Office, Sitcom
Seasons: 4
Original Run: 2002-2006

Hahahahaha... Who knew?! Zachary Levi was in ABC's sitcom Less Than Perfect starring Sara Rue, Andy Dick, Andrea Roberts (Miss Parker from the Pretender) and Eric Roberts, among others. A few episodes were up on Youtube and I watched a few. It's funny how I never found the show funny in my high school years but my dad did, to my disgust then. (I don't think my mum watches sitcoms much...)

Zachary Levi as preppy Kipp Steadman

Zach's the snooty Kipp Steadman here, who antagonizes Claude (Sara Rue), a country-girl office worker. Imagine a preppy and less lovable Chuck (or that annoyingly perfect co-worker) and you have Kipp Steadman. His boss constantly refers to him as Secretary and Kipp is a little obsessive-compulsive, rats out on people and is just hilarious with his exchanges with the gorgeous Andrea Parker, who's just as snooty as he is, as well as ambitious and materialistic. BTW, I think Chuck should totally try short hair some day... Andy Dick is also a honourable mention here. The other characters, Ramona, the boss, the other boss, are also serial rib-crackers... :-D

Surprisingly, the show has a lot of hilarious one-liners and crazy office stereotypes. I guess I only understand their snarky humour now and it's pretty good stuff even 4-8 years later!! I only wish more episodes were up and fans are urging ABC to come out with the DVD with a petition. I'm guessing some of these are current Chuck fans like me... XP

Animals on the loose... Office=Zoo?

This show is on syndication on Lifetime. I wonder if that means it's on Hallmark?! Though that will be just weird. But seriously, they should put up something else besides countless reruns of The Nanny. (=_=') This show might admit to be less than perfect but it packs a lotta laughs and it was better than I expected... =) Ta!

*runs off to at least pretend to be productive*

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