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DWJ's Enchanted Glass

How could I resist!!! Diana Wynne Jones putting out forth yet another of her delightful books this year is too much to resist! She is the author that has made the genre of science fiction and fantasy my absolute favourites. Despite her advanced age and a bout with lung cancer last year, she has somehow miraculously managed to produce another book, Enchanted Glass. I know I have long outgrown her stories but no one else writes quite like her (one of my many objections to Neil Gaiman is that he is just not DWJ).

Book Description:Aidan Cain has had the worst week of his life. His gran died, he was sent to a foster home, and now malicious beings are stalking him. There is one person Gran told Aidan to go to if he ever got into trouble—a powerful sorcerer who lives at Melstone House.

But when Aidan arrives on the doorstep, he finds that the sorcerer's grandson, Andrew, has inherited the house. The good news is that Aidan can tell immediately that Andrew's brimming with magic, too—an…

Something, Which Is To Say, Nothing At All

Just a small note to say that I will very probably be tied up for a week or so,
during which I will try to focus on writing my thesis (or at least part of it),
and tests,
that I have not the slightest idea how to finish it all...
And the dean has just demanded an hour of my time to participate in a Malaysian Soft Skill Scale study this Thursday.
Alas, the pitfalls of having a pretty name.

Bite me.

P/S: The post after this one will be my last for a while... I just felt like putting a ridiculously long title for this short post on a whim. Forgive me my scatterbrained ways, zoning out to my alternate universe now...

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Chuck and Vampire Diaries On Hiatus

Two of my favourite TV shows are on hiatus till March(!), probably due to the Winter Olympics. Network TV stations are not inclined to let their shows battle it out in the ratings with the Olympics TV programming. I only found out last week so I guess there will be less distractions for the next few weeks. It's Lent already so it's just as well (Catholics give up a vice for 40 days in Lent before Easter).

The dork-able TV series, Chuck, is currently in its 3rd season because of its very dedicated fan base who just last year, launched a Save Chuck campaign when it looked like the show was close to being canceled. It's slated for 19 episodes this season and will resume airing its 8th episode: Chuck vs the Fake Name on March the 1st. I really do hope they won't kill off Agent Shaw (Brandon SUPERMAN Routh) anytime soon because he is extremely pleasing to the eye. And hopefully, they'll bring in Bryce Larkin again soon! The more, the merrier! ;-)

For Vampire Diaries, th…

Ethan Hawke in Daybreakers

Movie: Daybreakers [2010]
Directed by: Michael and Peter Spierig
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Claudia Karvan, Michael Dorman, Isable Lucas

Last night, I watched this movie expecting it will be gory, bloody and full of nasty surprises. What I didn't expect was the less than extraordinary CG to make all the gory bits hilarious (which is how I bore all the red stuff flying in all directions). If you liked Underworld or futuristic movies like Aeonflux and Surrogates, you might like this film because it vaguely reminded me of those kind of movies. And daaamn, someone should stick Ethan Hawke in another vampire movie because I am seriously digging him as a vampire! But sadly, in an interview he said if someone handed him a vampire movie script today, he'd be like, no way! He had agreed to work with the Australian Spierig brothers for Daybreakers back in 2007 before Twilight came out.

PLOT IN BRIEF: In the world of Daybreakers, a plague has transformed almost the entir…

Road Rage: Keep It Down, Pretty Please

I have a terrible sense of direction... :-(
I never did understand how some people can get themselves so heated up when they drive on the road. Like KL taxi drivers. Oooh, they are scareee when they're in a bad mood. My sister, Sara, is hilarious on the road! She swears to high heavens at people in the car, probably learned this in KL or can be traced to her dysfunctional childhood. Even random people walking by are not spared!

Sara driving with me sitting shotgun. Girls walk by.
Me: 0_0 (but it's not like they can hear anyway)
However, I do feel uneasy when people get angry at other drivers and show it in their driving such as sudden acceleration of the vehicle or these superhuman turns at corners (oh wait, that's me). It makes your passengers sit at the very edge of their seat, holding their breath till the engine is finally turned off and everyone can finally breathe normally again.

Scary Sara doing her thing while I'm at the wheel... XD
So you…

How to Take Dumb Pictures in Terengganu

Sightseeing in Terengganu is kind of quiet-ish during Chinese New Year... (What am I saying, it's quiet all year round!) And the traffic jams in town are so bad around this time of the year!!! Why?!! Because people balik kampung (go back to hometown) in the holidays, even the non-Chinese! So if you're stuck in Terengganu in the holidays like me, here's a few LOL things to do if you're dead bored. And love cam-whoring.

1. Take pictures at the wonderfully ruined Terengganu Sports Stadium (which fell down after a year of of being constructed). It makes an awesome backdrop for just about anything.

My sis, Sara, acting sakai O_O

You can also try the ever popular jumping shot. Warning: Hair will fly everywhere and looks best with a good pose. This is also part of Number 2 of Things To Do in Terengganu.

2. Do a jumping shot just about anywhere in Terengganu. They're really fun to do and you should try it before your age demands you to stop jumping for propriety's sake.


Dragon Babies

I LOVED 2009. The Year of the Earth Ox was hecka good to Dragons, mostly! My grades improved, my driving got loads better, I actually learnt how to cook (thanks Billie & Liyana!), finally got a camera and much more. The only awful part last year is that my English seems to have deteriorated somewhat. Wtfbananas. (SEE?!) But next year, I have no words to describe the bad fortunes that seem to be on every Feng Shui-yada-yada masters' predictions...

According to Singaporean Feng Shui Master Tan Khoon Yong (never heard of him):

The Dragon in 2010:
Surrounded by contingencies and making you feel helpless.
(Just what I needed... Less money... Urgh.)

On another 'helpful' site:
- Dragons may have very bad wealth opportunities this year. (Here we go again.)
- Dragons may have some study opportunities this year. (GREAT! I think.)

However, (is that a silver lining I see?) there are some good ones out there, thankfully... Such as:

1. Dragon people will be able to live a contented life thro…

Happy RAWR-ing Chinese New Year, folks!

I tried to mail a greeting card home yesterday...but the post office was closed...
So here's my greeting card to all you people celebrating CNY and decorating your houses today! :D
Enjoy the holiday, angpows (if you're lucky enough to still be able to get it), FOOD and catching up with relatives (while dodging questions about when are you going to get hitched?!)!
Gambling and drinking's always a given too on this holiday...
Just remember to not go overboard and drive safe! :P

And have a wonderful Valentine's Day, everyone! &hearts

P/S: I have no idea how good this movie is, but it makes me go, 'if only there was a cinema in Kuala Terengganu...'. It's one of those 'Love Actually'-type movies... I just hope it's just as good.

February Quickie!

Side note: It's a bit early in the month for one of these, but I felt like rambling while I feel oh-so-free at the moment...

Two tests down, thank bejeebies! Though that Asas Keusahawanan test was really something alright. And I might have to run another analysis for my FYP (hope all goes well)... I can't wait for my sis, Sara to come down to Kuala Terengganu for uni break! Though I have no idea where exactly to bring her... Pancakes at Pok Wan? Coney dogs at Ugly Rock? Roti canai at Hot Hot? Or maybe a safari-themed restaurant like NR or sushi by Alistair (Ming Star)? Hahaha, how can any of these compare with enigmatic sights of KL? =_=

Unless I go to Sekayu or Kenyir... Which reeks of BAD IDEA. I can't even remember the way to church here after 3 years (wth and I've been going almost every week!), much less tourist destinations an hour away. That's how bad my sense of direction is. I can manage any place with a straight road like UMT or Giant/Mydin and that's …

Amazing Erasable Bank Notes

Hahahahaha, reading this on an online news portal today made me laugh... wtf, I am so mean.

Whatever you do, don't leave any of those new 50 ringgit notes in your pants when you do laundry. (It happened to me a couple of times and I was like, why do I suddenly feel poor? But it's like Christmas when I find them.) Some poor sod completely white-washed four of these and the serial number too. That means you can't exchange them at the bank even though they still have the silver markings, wth. A number of other old ringgit notes were in the laundry too but stayed intact (see pic). Maybe he used some kind of super power detergent, who knows? (I use Top by the way, I like the smell... :P)

If I remember right, these amazing erasable bank notes were released for Malaysia's 50th anniversary as a country, right? Way to mark Malaysia's longevity. XD

Via The Star

Don't Take This Too Hard But...

I'm re-posting this from my course-mate's FB status update which I thought was pretty kick-ass...

An old grandpa once said...

Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater.
Give her sperm, she will give you a baby.
Give her a house, she will give you a home.
Give her groceries, she will give you a meal.
Give her a smile and she will give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges what she is given.
So if you give her crap, be ready to receive a tonne of shit!

Lol... okay, okay, enough with the overt feminism. On other things, I'm glad to hear that my sister got her birthday present alright... I ordered it from this website and it got to her in two days flat after payment. In Kota Kinabalu! They're amazingly efficient!! And CIMB Clicks is amazing too (which I never bothered to use before this)! The wonders of Internet banking... =)

I got her the one in pink...
My current problem? My youngest sister's birthday is tomorrow. Sisters! Gah. It's one after the other…

Happy Sweet 16, Vadee!!! &hearts

Because this picture with a deranged-looking puppy is too cute... &hearts

Happy sweet 16, my dear wacky sister!!!
May the year of the Tiger be nice to the Golden Rooster! :P
I know we haven't been talking much and I miss you too but we'll have all the time in the world to catch up once I'm done this semester... =) Your prezzie shall have to wait though... I'm working on it... :P

FOR NOW, I'll just give you my list of...

The Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 16

1. Form 4 is NOT honeymoon year, contrary to what your seniors might think. It lays out the very important foundations for things you learn in Form 5. Like algebra.

2. It is NEVER alright to cut your own hair. Unless you are dead broke or have the skill of Edward Scissorhands.

3. It's not the end of the world when your best friends leave. New best friends fill in the void~ =)

4. Boys are not SCARY. They're actually quite dumb. (Not insulting anyone's intelligence or anything, but yeah, dumb. *chuckle* Am…