Monday, February 08, 2010

Amazing Erasable Bank Notes

Hahahahaha, reading this on an online news portal today made me laugh... wtf, I am so mean.

Whatever you do, don't leave any of those new 50 ringgit notes in your pants when you do laundry. (It happened to me a couple of times and I was like, why do I suddenly feel poor? But it's like Christmas when I find them.) Some poor sod completely white-washed four of these and the serial number too. That means you can't exchange them at the bank even though they still have the silver markings, wth. A number of other old ringgit notes were in the laundry too but stayed intact (see pic). Maybe he used some kind of super power detergent, who knows? (I use Top by the way, I like the smell... :P)

If I remember right, these amazing erasable bank notes were released for Malaysia's 50th anniversary as a country, right? Way to mark Malaysia's longevity. XD

Via The Star

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