Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chuck and Vampire Diaries On Hiatus

Two of my favourite TV shows are on hiatus till March(!), probably due to the Winter Olympics. Network TV stations are not inclined to let their shows battle it out in the ratings with the Olympics TV programming. I only found out last week so I guess there will be less distractions for the next few weeks. It's Lent already so it's just as well (Catholics give up a vice for 40 days in Lent before Easter).

The dork-able TV series, Chuck, is currently in its 3rd season because of its very dedicated fan base who just last year, launched a Save Chuck campaign when it looked like the show was close to being canceled. It's slated for 19 episodes this season and will resume airing its 8th episode: Chuck vs the Fake Name on March the 1st. I really do hope they won't kill off Agent Shaw (Brandon SUPERMAN Routh) anytime soon because he is extremely pleasing to the eye. And hopefully, they'll bring in Bryce Larkin again soon! The more, the merrier! ;-)

For Vampire Diaries, the next episode #15 A Few Good Men, will air on March 25th 2010. The show is slated for 22 episodes for its season due to its breakout popularity and it's a guilty pleasure for me since Gossip Girl has been disappointing a lot of people recently. The last episode, Fool Me Once ended with Bonnie's grandmother's passing, the rescue of Anna's mother (the beautiful Kelly Hu!) and the revelation that the infamous Katherine never was in the tomb, leaving Damon Salvatore broken-hearted.

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