Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DWJ's Enchanted Glass

How could I resist!!! Diana Wynne Jones putting out forth yet another of her delightful books this year is too much to resist! She is the author that has made the genre of science fiction and fantasy my absolute favourites. Despite her advanced age and a bout with lung cancer last year, she has somehow miraculously managed to produce another book, Enchanted Glass. I know I have long outgrown her stories but no one else writes quite like her (one of my many objections to Neil Gaiman is that he is just not DWJ).

Book Description: Aidan Cain has had the worst week of his life. His gran died, he was sent to a foster home, and now malicious beings are stalking him. There is one person Gran told Aidan to go to if he ever got into trouble—a powerful sorcerer who lives at Melstone House.

But when Aidan arrives on the doorstep, he finds that the sorcerer's grandson, Andrew, has inherited the house. The good news is that Aidan can tell immediately that Andrew's brimming with magic, too—and so is everyone else at Melstone. The bad news is that Andrew doesn't remember anything his grandfather taught him. Chaos is swiftly rising, and he has no idea how to control it. A sinister neighbor is stealing power from the land, magic is leaking between realms . . . and it's only a matter of time before the Stalkers find Aidan.

If Aidan and Andrew can harness their own magics, they may be able to help each other. But can they do it before the entire countryside comes apart at the seams?

There are plenty of reviews of this book by worthier sources online so I won't bother with it but it was a good read. I liked it much better than her previous book The Pinhoe Egg and it makes for some very pleasant light reading unlike the other scientific journals I have to trudge through these days with unheard-of words that simply boggle the mind (I swear, most of them don't exist in an ordinary dictionary!).

I've read almost all her books, except for a few ones written for really young readers. The books I actually want to read are the Dalemark Quartet, of which I am only able to find in Kinokuniya bookstore but I didn't have enough for all four at the time so I settled for the Derkholm series. My favourites from her are the Chrestomanci and Castle series, both of which are by far her most popular books, as well as Eight Days of Luke, Hexwood, Black Maria and The Power of Three.

I ordered the book online from MPH, very pricey for delivery and it took ages to arrive (a week plus) even though it was couriered here via GDex. The wait and price was somehow worth it when my book came along (as if you don't have more important things to do, Vanessa) and many thanks to Hema at MPH who somehow made it happen! =)

Currently on my wishlist:

The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories by Joan Aiken
(Now this book here is nearly impossible to find in Malaysia!)

Can you tell that I like British fantasy? ;-)

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