Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ethan Hawke in Daybreakers

Movie: Daybreakers [2010]
Directed by: Michael and Peter Spierig
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Claudia Karvan, Michael Dorman, Isable Lucas

Last night, I watched this movie expecting it will be gory, bloody and full of nasty surprises. What I didn't expect was the less than extraordinary CG to make all the gory bits hilarious (which is how I bore all the red stuff flying in all directions). If you liked Underworld or futuristic movies like Aeonflux and Surrogates, you might like this film because it vaguely reminded me of those kind of movies. And daaamn, someone should stick Ethan Hawke in another vampire movie because I am seriously digging him as a vampire! But sadly, in an interview he said if someone handed him a vampire movie script today, he'd be like, no way! He had agreed to work with the Australian Spierig brothers for Daybreakers back in 2007 before Twilight came out.

PLOT IN BRIEF: In the world of Daybreakers, a plague has transformed almost the entire human population to vampires and the remaining 5% of humans are harvested for their blood. However, these vampires have managed to foolishly drive the human population to an all-time low and they are starving. Enter Edward Galton (Ethan Hawke) who thinks feeding on humans are unethical and only drinks pig's blood. He works as a hematologist for the conglomerate Bromsley Marks (headed by Sam Neill) who are trying to find a substitute for blood but Edward (Really, are all vampires named Edward now?) would much rather find a cure. Time is running out and these starved vampires transform into hideous desperate creatures resembling Gollum with pteradactyl wings. Meanwhile, Frank (Edward's brother) and almost everybody else seem to be getting in his way to save humanity...

[Not that many spoilers included] So who exactly are on the winning side? The vampires who can't walk in sunlight or the humans who are weak physically compared to the immortal vampires? I love the way vampires have adjusted themselves to keeping out the daylight, with their awesome cars (something you just have to see to believe). I also love the way they approach ethics in this movie, in a world of organized vampires. Of course, vampires were just created a long time ago by a man who wanted to express his views on war and invaders by describing them metaphorically through the characteristics of a blood-sucking creature (vampires).

If you're tired of vampire movies (like me, who initially refused to watch this movie but gave in to my sister's constant nagging), this movie definitely brings something new to the table (it definitely does NOT include glittering vampires and lady-loves who can't keep away from trouble) and can be watched with the entire family with the exclusion of impressionable young children. Personally, I liked it a lot and would be willing to watch it again while fast-forwarding the gory bits... (Apparently Rotten Tomatoes agrees with me with a 67% certified fresh rating!)


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