Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Take Dumb Pictures in Terengganu

Sightseeing in Terengganu is kind of quiet-ish during Chinese New Year... (What am I saying, it's quiet all year round!) And the traffic jams in town are so bad around this time of the year!!! Why?!! Because people balik kampung (go back to hometown) in the holidays, even the non-Chinese! So if you're stuck in Terengganu in the holidays like me, here's a few LOL things to do if you're dead bored. And love cam-whoring.

1. Take pictures at the wonderfully ruined Terengganu Sports Stadium (which fell down after a year of of being constructed). It makes an awesome backdrop for just about anything.

My sis, Sara, acting sakai O_O

You can also try the ever popular jumping shot. Warning: Hair will fly everywhere and looks best with a good pose. This is also part of Number 2 of Things To Do in Terengganu.

2. Do a jumping shot just about anywhere in Terengganu. They're really fun to do and you should try it before your age demands you to stop jumping for propriety's sake.

This one was next to Setiu River

3. Go to a relatively quiet place in Terengganu and do muscle shots. If you get caught in this silly act, ignore the sniggers and stares that are commonplace with some of the locals here.

Sara at Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort, Pulau Duyong

4. Visit one of Terengganu's waterfalls! Sekayu Waterfall is a popular destination here for families, Chemerong Waterfall is a bit more quieter and relaxing though it's an hour long trek to the main waterfall. But it's the highest waterfall in Malaysia! How can you not go?! :)

5. Then there's Terengganu Chinatown!! The food here is so-so but here is also where Telaga Low Tiey (Low Tiey Well) is located. This well saved many people way back when during a drought when other wells were polluted and a plague had swept over this area. This happened in the 17th Century, and a good man Low Tiey provided water supply for the people and thus they named the well after him...

Nat and Melissa acting weird at this historical monument

That's all I have for this post. If I get any more ideas I'll post some more later... I was just trying to show you what you can do in Terengganu besides the islands and the museum. There's also Kenyir Lake and the pasar malam (night market) with cheap delicious food but I don't have pics of those... Wheee~

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