Thursday, February 18, 2010

Road Rage: Keep It Down, Pretty Please

I have a terrible sense of direction... :-(

I never did understand how some people can get themselves so heated up when they drive on the road. Like KL taxi drivers. Oooh, they are scareee when they're in a bad mood. My sister, Sara, is hilarious on the road! She swears to high heavens at people in the car, probably learned this in KL or can be traced to her dysfunctional childhood. Even random people walking by are not spared!

Sara driving with me sitting shotgun. Girls walk by.
Me: 0_0 (but it's not like they can hear anyway)

However, I do feel uneasy when people get angry at other drivers and show it in their driving such as sudden acceleration of the vehicle or these superhuman turns at corners (oh wait, that's me). It makes your passengers sit at the very edge of their seat, holding their breath till the engine is finally turned off and everyone can finally breathe normally again.

Scary Sara doing her thing while I'm at the wheel... XD

So you can imagine my horror when Sara flips the middle finger at some guy who ran the red light and got in the way while I was U-turning. =_= He was definitely in the wrong but the line of rempits (motorcyclists) waiting patiently behind him looked appalled. And his car was full of kids. KIDS. OMGWTFBANANAS.

I do hope Terengganu motorists won't start flippin' the middle finger at me too. Makes for some really unpleasant driving. Running the red lights are so common in Kuala Terengganu, it's expected (so you have to watch it at traffic lights). Then there are the motorcyclists who think their heads are invincible or look suspiciously underaged. Just remember that Malaysian saying,

"Pandulah dengan cermat, ingat orang tersayang." ;-P

Or watch this for good measure!

There's a movie for every occasion! XD


Air said...

I oso bad sense of direction although I grow up in KL. I can imagine ur horor when ur sista do tat..hahaha

varms said...

Yeah, but she's a good driver... At least she doesn't get lost... :)

Air said...

Totally will tabik ur sista for being gud driver. Say Oola to her for me..