Monday, March 29, 2010

Flashforward continued...

I was so occupied these last few days that I have only just realized that Flashforward started again last week with a two hour premiere! I sort of wish they never stopped because I was a bit confused with their situation, not having watched the show for two months. Timbaland had a cameo at the ending of Episode 3: Blowback as an officer in charge of storage. Lol, I wonder if he was bored or something with producing.

Anyway, I realized I skipped to Episode 13 without watching the premiere (no wonder I was so confused! This episode was really dreary and Aaron (Tracy's dad) suddenly got possessed by the dad from hostage thriller movie 'Taken' (2008) and went Rambo on Jericho operatives. I am getting tired frankly, from the really slow character development. Janis (Christine Woods) and Bryce (Zachary Knighton) are my favorites on the show but they hardly get any screen time in Ep 13. I really hope they step it up soon because I hate to see a great story go to waste. Sometimes a little development goes a long way.

I feel sad because I felt the same way with 4400, before it ultimately got canceled. There's this nagging feeling that tells you, it's not enough! They need more DRAMA, surprises and yeah, sex appeal helps too (it worked with Vampire Diaries, CSI, True Blood, Gossip Girl and any other successful TV show in history). If people stop caring about the show, the show will get canceled. Unless you have a very dedicated fan base who will do anything for you (e.g. Chuck) and Flashforward has failed to make anyone care about any of the characters yet.

With dipping ratings and actors that have been cast in new TV shows next season, the future for Flashforward looks bleak, which is a bummer. Like when they canceled '4400', American TV shows tend to spring this on 'ya sometimes. I'll just enjoy the ride for now, and bask in the accents of Jack Davenport and Dominic Monaghan. :)

On another note,

Vampire Diaries is back better than ever! Hahahhaha, I think it'll be a long time yet till I ever tire of this show. And I'm hooked on KBS' variety TV show Invincible Youth!!! This show gives me stitches. I adore Kim Tae Woo, Narsha and Yuri here. Love! Narsha and Kim Tae Woo are in a Samsung Anycall CF. Too bad Vanessa and Samsung phones just don't go together.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music Break: SoulJa (Japanese)

Okay, okay, I lied. Here I am blogging again. But I'll try to keep it short and sweet... This time it's about one of my favorite Japanese rappers whose songs I can never get enough of!!! SoulJa is half Belgian and half Japanese and he has this awesome side profile (so misleading, he looks like a hottie from the side) but it's his rap that I adore so it's not important. *beams*

His most popular song is Kokoniiruyo (ここにいるよ) ft. Thelma Aoyama (also half Japanese) and the song's gained so much popularity in recent years. The song's about long distance relationships. I stumbled on the song accidentally in 2008 and loved it to pieces!! Thelma's answer song, Soba Iru Ne (そばにいるね) ft. Soulja is also worth a listen (it was even more popular in Japan than Kokoniiruyo and featured in many advertisements). They both were virtually unknown to international audiences before these singles came out.

Soulja ft. Thelma Aoyama - Kokoniiruyo (I'm Here) MV

It has been covered by a Taiwanese group 'Da Mouth', eww (it's not that bad but it's missing the things that made the original special, like the piano and Soulja. Case closed.) A plastic-looking Japanese leading singer singing in Chinese does not make it more authentic, okay?

He also has another song 'Graduation/Sotsugyo' which is rather appropriate I feel for all of us final year students about to graduate... I love listening to these 3 songs when I'm studying, the smooth rap combined with the piano is rather refreshing... But then again that's just me. :-)

The weird thing about this singer is that I haven't heard from him since though I've seen him perform a couple of times in Japanese music shows, he doesn't have a Wiki page, zip, nada. Thelma Aoyama has been enjoying increased popularity however. Fingers crossed for a new album from Soulja! (I think he should change his name though, I get lotsa Soulja Boy crap when I search for him). *wicked laugh*

Toodles! ^^

UPDATE: This is how he looked in 2009! Talk about going for a whole new look!

More photos at his official website.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Quickie!

Last post of the month!

I am trying to keep to a strict schedule before my FYP final draft deadline and exams so no laying about. But I'll be as free as a bird after April the 4th! I've noticed my recent blog posts seem to be personal entries because this month has really drained me of my resources: time, energy and money. I also have to think about what comes after exams... And BTW, my lappy problems are over and done with, with no hard feelings... :-)

For all you people taking exams soon, don't forget the most important thing!


Seriously, without it you won't be able to think clearly. (I once wrote 'Harry Potter' once in an essay about water quality which was so off-topic and I had to Blanko it so my lecturer wouldn't see it and think I was crazy.) I learnt my lesson and from then on, I slept enough hours the night before the exam. Drink enough water too, being thirsty disturbs your concentration.

Music Break:
I am inordinately fond of this song. But then again all things Katy Perry make me happy!!! Some people say it's the kind of song you will either love or hate. I'm the former. And I love the way Timbaland doesn't just use white people in music videos. The whole world is mixing, right?

I can't find much information about the people who acted in the video, guess they're not that famous but I'd really like to know... All I could find out was that a Paul "Coy" Allen directed the video. (I know I'm like ketinggalan zaman already but I wish this song had more airplay in Malaysian radio stations!^^)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reformatting Hell

ARGGHHH!!! This is like the WORST thing to happen EVER! After sulking and updating my software for days, I've finally come to terms with losing my TV shows and movie stash. Though I find it very hard to forgive the two people who erased my (D:) drive which contained all my movie stuff. I'm sure I will...someday, maybe next week, but currently I am still a bit bitter from losing my most treasured TV stash. (I used the HP Recovery disks to get it back to howdy-dowdy again.)

Here's the lowdown on what I lost:
3 seasons of Chuck (Update: Recovered this from Shu!!!)
3 seasons of Gossip Girl
Vampire Diaries
Glee Season 1 (Update: Eva has the whole thing!!!)
Flashforward Season 1
True Blood Season 2
You Are Beautiful (Kdrama)
Smile You (Kdrama)
Team Medical Dragon Season 1 (Shu has this too!!!)
Gokusen Season 3
All my BBC miniseries (Persuasion, North and South, Anne of Green Gables, Sense and Sensibility, Emma)

Most of which I downloaded myself, which means hardly anyone has copies of them. And all my movies!! I almost freaked out when my favorite chick flicks were gone and I had a mental breakdown for a while there. I made very depressing company for a few days. *sniff* (UPDATE: Thank heavens for friends with external hard drives...)

Let's look at the bright side shall we? The 'advantages' are:

1) Less clutter. (I can rearrange everything just the way I like it!)
2) Everything is back to default settings (I only had Recycle Bin at first!)
3) At least the damn laptop can start (and no forking out huge sums of money to get a new one).
4) Everything's faster. Big whoop.
5) It's an old laptop anyway, about 5 years old and Coco (my puppy) dragged it on the floor once and nearly peed on it. So judging that it crashed for the first time last week, I think that's a pretty good running history.

Overall, I guess I should thank my lucky stars I backed-up my thesis but somehow I can't bring myself to give a fig about it now. :-(

Somewhere out there in cyberspace, the people against Internet piracy are cackling in glee and concocting more ways to bring down people who fileshare.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FICOS Dinner 2010!!!

Believe it or not, FICOS stand for something like Fisheries Club of Organized Studies... I may be wrong but what is Organized Studies supposed to mean? Some studies are unorganized? @_@

Enlighten me.

But then again, who am I to question the decisions of seniors before me? Even if they do puzzle one so.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Fishery) Class of 2010 - Missing some people...

Yay!! It happened!! The reason for my joy is because last year's dinner was cancelled due to a disagreement between my seniors and juniors over the venue... *scratches head* Anyway, my 2nd year at UMT pretty much stank. Not everyone attended the dinner because we seniors, are supposed to be really busy this week. But tell me, how often do you get to dress up to the nines in KT?

Yesterday the dinner was awesome! It was at Grand Continental, Kuala Terengganu again and the buffet wasn't all bad, I liked the food, though the vege looked half dead, the pudding was sh*t and bean soup is the bane of my life. But the swimming pool next to the air-conditioned dining hall was pleasant. Grand Continental should totally repair their name in lights. It reads, "Gra....ental" (Or something like that but you get the picture).

Saleh's camera takes better pics than mine! Silly Sony Ixus 80IS.

It was nice seeing juniors and they were like, so funny... A first year Fishery student who helped me and my friends was like astounded that there were a lot of Chinese in my course. A lot?! There's only like, 7. And then there's me, the Lain-lain. Maybe because there aren't any in the first year. Oh well. The juniors looked so happy to see the never-before-seen 3rd years, it was quite sweet! :D

Complimentary fan. Just as well because it got hot after a while...

I wore my skyscraper heels and most of the comments I got were, "Why are you so taaaall" or "Kenapa Vanessa tinggi sangaaatt." Haha. They make my calves look thinner okay, and I can't help it that y'all are short... XD

But the short ones are the cute ones. =)
Just sayin'. They're also less snottier than taller people.

P/S: WHAT A WEEK. I have never been so tired or dogged after for months. I don't think it'll stop until after my exams. And tomorrow, back to another day at UMT's Entrepreneurship Expo 2010. Here we go again...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grim and Trying Times...

It's crunch time again.
I feel like I'm being pulled in many different directions at once and it would be great if I knew how to split myself up so my other selves could just take over.
So sick of presentations.
So sick of people who judge based on appearances.
So sick of self-centered people.
So sick of those who never listen.
A certain subject is being a b- again and it stinks when all the dirty work is pushed to you. FTS.

I think I just need some sleep. :-(


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dresses to Drool Over

I'm no fashion expert but now and then I see really GAWJUSSS dresses on the red carpet and I know not what to do except wish I was blond and fair so I could even look a quarter as amazing as these actresses...

Rachel McAdams and Cameron Diaz

Can you say Oscar's? One of my favourite times of the year! Next to the Grammy and Emmy Awards... Rachel McAdams' colouring goes so well with her watercolor dress and Cameron's looking less like a train wreck this year... I AM SO MEAN. Her golden dress is very pretty but I'm not so sure I like her hair... Do blondes look good in everything?! Sheesh. *throws hands up in frustration*

Kristen Stewart and Abbie Cornish

Above are the darker dresses I rather liked as seen on Kristen Stewart (who looks like she feels good about herself today! Pat yourself on the back because you should!) and Abbie Cornish who looks the best I've seen her in...ever. I thought all four of these ladies owned the carpet at Oscar's. Elizabeth Banks looked amazing too but I lost the photo in my extensive photo stash. Heh.

Other events...

Josh Duhamel/Fergie and Seal/Heidi Klum

These photos of the couples above were from an earlier event, the Golden Globes, meant to post them earlier but I was hesitant because Vanessa just doesn't do fashion! Anyway, it was raining, which accounts for the umbrellas and close proximity (call me an old-fashioned crone, I don't care!!) but I felt that it sort of romanticized the event.

This is one of my all-time favourite red carpet dresses on pre-grunge phase Dakota Fanning! Taken during the premiere of her movie Push a year or so ago...

I know I don't go for edgy when I like something, I go for girly dresses that are easy on the eyes yet still hold a whiff sophistication. These are the kinds of dresses I would kill for. Yet, I LOVE the loud dresses that Katy Perry wears. Not too crazy but kooky enough to garner people's interest.

I should really get some sleep now in case my haze of sleepiness has clouded my sense of better judgment of Katy Perry. Going shopping tomorrow!!! (Maybe my upcoming course dinner spurred on this post, hmmm... Haven't decided what to wear yet...)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you a Himono-onna?

Anyone who's ever watched the jdorama, Hotaru No Hikari (Lights of Fireflies) would probably know that this term means Dried-fish Woman. In the drama, himono-onna (干物女) means a woman who has stopped loving anyone in her twenties, thus she is a 'dried woman'. She rolls around the house in tracksuits and grubby tied-up hair and guzzles beer after a long day at work.

Is that a person under there? @_@

THE PLOT: In Hotaru No Hikari, Dramawiki tells me that the main character, Hotaru (Ayase Haruka) works for a famous interior design company. It's a glamorous job but Hotaru's private life is totally the opposite of glamorous. She lives alone, and when she isn't working she's mostly lazing about her rented house in track bottoms. She's not interested in men. In fact, she isn't interested in anything. "I'd rather lay around than fool around!," is her motto.

Observe! TOP: At work; BOTTOM: At home.

Her landlord is a bar owner, and one day his son, who has just separated from his wife, comes to inspect the rental property, not knowing that someone is living there. He is shocked at the mess, but not as shocked as Hotaru. He turns out to be her boss, Takano 'Buchou' (Fujiki Naohito!).

Hotaru and Takano sitting out on the patio...

Fujiki Naohito's famous for being a singer in Japan, he's also acted in GTO (loved that drama!) and the really sad and long-winded Itoshi Kimi e (To The One I Love). I don't know much about Ayase Haruka 'cept that she's really pretty and this was the only role I ever liked her in.

Kato Kazuki a.k.a Pinocchio as second fiddle!

This drama is breezy, not heavy at all in the plotline (in fact, barely any story at all), and I was so frustrated at the really silly open ending that I proceeded to delete the entire series, only to kick myself afterwards for giving in to the impulse. Because it really was a sweet, if pointless, jdorama. And I wouldn't mind watching it again. That said, it's also a very picturesque drama to look at, kudos to the production team! Scriptwriter should go take some more classes.

Here's a few clips from the jdorama:

After-effects: After I watched this drama, I started referring to myself or any messy-looking young lady as a himono-onna. So now you know. XD

I should totally pick up jdoramas again!
After my thesis is done. :D

Friday, March 05, 2010

One Chance to Keep from Falling...

I love this song.
It featured in Episode 11 of Vampire Diaries (Bloodlines) when Damon killed Bree.
The song aptly describes someone who has disappointed me today.

Alex Band is still as skinny as ever, isn't he? I loooove his voice but he looked so funny in this video, I had to laugh quite a few times!! (I wonder if he was forced into it?) Kind of reminiscent of songs from the earlier part of the decade. I wish the video wasn't so generic, because this song is beautiful.

Thought of the Day: I hate feeling like a failure more than anything in the world.


I feel better already. :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hostel Living

EDIT: Oops, accidentally published an unfinished post! Lulz. Might take some time to finish. Rome was not built in a day. FINISHED!

I was just flippin' thru my first year pictures in uni... Which was pretty awesome but it feels like it was eons ago. In first year, being juniors, we all stayed at the hostels, and mine was in the Ibnu Majah block and we (my roomies) considered ourselves lucky because we got the room facing the boys' hostel! Hello, Dolly!!!

Ah, first year. The year when Jack hung out a lot with my bunch of friends and the grand opening of Giant and Secret Recipe in Terengganu, where we could do demented things with our food, like this:

Then we had our very own Yoyo outside with juice and nata de coco, cybers aplenty and lots of food and drinks. Yes, living at the UMT hostel does have its perks. The path we took to the campus by the sea was dubbed 'Jalan Biawak' for its delightful inhabitants: giant monitor lizards. Nope, no pictures. I was too busy running away, screaming (kiddin').

Hostels were fun, I became really close friends with my roomies; Shu Kuan, Eva and Santha. Eventually, Shu, Eva and I moved out to a rented house after the mandatory first year in the hostel. Santha was part of the UMT hostel JKPP (which means she takes care of the hostel students' affairs). Hostels were nice (if a bit cramped) and the beach was AWESSUMMM but a change of scenery was in order! Plus the hostel gets really hot at the top floor till we wished we could make holes in the wall just for it to be cooler!!!

So then we moved out to Taman Sejati!!! Bye bye, good times at the hostel and hello to two years in the rundown suburbs of KT!! :-P


Funny thing I heard when traveling on the UMT bus yesterday...

Me sitting with my Borneo church friends in the bus.

Bus driver: *talking to 1st friend who has a package on her lap* Boyfriend hantar ka?
Us: *laugh coz it's from her dad*
2nd friend: Bapa dia yang hantar la...
Bus driver: *ignores her* Kamu sudah nak kahwin ka? Orang Sabah suka kahwin awal. Ada kawan saya kahwin masa dia berumur 18 tahun.
Us: *laugh even harder*
2nd friend: Mungkin adalah, zaman nenek kami!!

I was the only Sabahan btw. And no matter how much they insisted they were Sarawakian, he kept calling all of us Sabahans. Sabah + Sarawak translates to Sabah in the Peninsular. LMAO!!!! But not the first time it's happened.


Just wanted to share this poem with y'all, ripped off my sister's blog... ^^
Love how it bothers my state of mind.

One bright day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
drew their swords and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise
and ran to save the two dead boys.
And if you don't believe it's true,
go ask the blind man, he saw it too.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't You Go Burstin' My Bubble!

Just re-watched Bubble Boy...
An utter CLASSIC!!!
They just don't make a lot of kooky-fun movies anymore... (Instead, you get all these campy, body-baring movies that is sneakily inserted in most genres these days, which is seriously alarming. Dude. My eyes.) There are Tim Burton's films, of course, but those are more to the creepy-kooky side. And as interesting as his films are, I'd be hard-pressed to pick out a favourite.

Bubble Boy is one of the absolutely silliest movies I'm fond of watching over and over again. :D
And it's probably the only film I like with Jake Gyllenhaal in it (complete with crazy hair and dorky laugh). Although that could change with the premiere of the Prince of Persia movie! Trying not to keep hopes up so I won't get disappointed...

There's a lot to be said about weird people in this film and it hilarious how no one is ever normal in this film! Not one single person!
Dr Freak and the Freaks!
Pushpop the Hindu ice-cream man!
The spookily perky Bright and Shiny cult!
Pappy, Pippy and Punani!

The list just goes on...

P/S: Loved Zach Galfianakis' cameo as the bus ticket counter guy. =)

Memorable Quotes:

"I'd rather spend one minute holding you,
than the rest of my life knowing I never could."
-Jimmy the Bubble Boy-

"You didn't get out of that bubble just to play it safe! Live with no regrets..."-Slim the Biker-

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March and Still Kickin'

I just came back from Kelantan a day ago, for a very short trip to Jeli, Kelantan for my Business Basics project. Gosh, Kelantan people are so funny. Friendly, but funny... Taking pictures in Jeli was hilarious, the people in the large trucks and cranes on a nearby construction site kept waving and honking non-stop! (I thought they were really pissed at someone at first... XD)

The people at the Pejabat Pertanian Jajahan Jeli place were really helpful. When I first walked in the Jabatan Pertanian headquarters, I felt like I was back in Likas Fisheries Research Center again. Like WOAH, dejavu. I guess government buildings built long ago were made pretty similarly... Anyway, Tuan Haji Sabri, the hydroponics expert of Kelantan was really helpful and knew everything there was to know about hydroponics. Thank you, kind person!!! (middle person in the pic below)

I've never blogged about food before, so here goes... No pictures of delicious food however, it was gone before I knew it! (I stink at this, should totally stop now! But what the heck.)

In KB, I ate at this Thai Restaurant with Ai Yin and her mother (not halal, I'm afraid), and everything (we had chicken kam hiong and the regular kangkung belacan + soup) was like, crazy spicy! Like tears-in-my-eyes spicy (I have very poor chilli tolerance). Gah. Kind of a shady place at night though I heard... =_='

Anyway, I have never been as bone-tired and sick-ish as I have been this past week, which is the main reason why I disappeared from the blogosphere for awhile. However, with most of my work over and done with, I have the whole night and the rest of tomorrow to catch up on sleep! &hearts

Look!!! I can't even cam-whore without the I-could-sleep-100-years expression!

I feel like I've never truly appreciated being lucky enough to have 8 hours of sleep a day. *yawn* Gonna do a Rip Van Winkle now.

*wobbles off to bed*