Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't You Go Burstin' My Bubble!

Just re-watched Bubble Boy...
An utter CLASSIC!!!
They just don't make a lot of kooky-fun movies anymore... (Instead, you get all these campy, body-baring movies that is sneakily inserted in most genres these days, which is seriously alarming. Dude. My eyes.) There are Tim Burton's films, of course, but those are more to the creepy-kooky side. And as interesting as his films are, I'd be hard-pressed to pick out a favourite.

Bubble Boy is one of the absolutely silliest movies I'm fond of watching over and over again. :D
And it's probably the only film I like with Jake Gyllenhaal in it (complete with crazy hair and dorky laugh). Although that could change with the premiere of the Prince of Persia movie! Trying not to keep hopes up so I won't get disappointed...

There's a lot to be said about weird people in this film and it hilarious how no one is ever normal in this film! Not one single person!
Dr Freak and the Freaks!
Pushpop the Hindu ice-cream man!
The spookily perky Bright and Shiny cult!
Pappy, Pippy and Punani!

The list just goes on...

P/S: Loved Zach Galfianakis' cameo as the bus ticket counter guy. =)

Memorable Quotes:

"I'd rather spend one minute holding you,
than the rest of my life knowing I never could."
-Jimmy the Bubble Boy-

"You didn't get out of that bubble just to play it safe! Live with no regrets..."-Slim the Biker-

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