Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FICOS Dinner 2010!!!

Believe it or not, FICOS stand for something like Fisheries Club of Organized Studies... I may be wrong but what is Organized Studies supposed to mean? Some studies are unorganized? @_@

Enlighten me.

But then again, who am I to question the decisions of seniors before me? Even if they do puzzle one so.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Fishery) Class of 2010 - Missing some people...

Yay!! It happened!! The reason for my joy is because last year's dinner was cancelled due to a disagreement between my seniors and juniors over the venue... *scratches head* Anyway, my 2nd year at UMT pretty much stank. Not everyone attended the dinner because we seniors, are supposed to be really busy this week. But tell me, how often do you get to dress up to the nines in KT?

Yesterday the dinner was awesome! It was at Grand Continental, Kuala Terengganu again and the buffet wasn't all bad, I liked the food, though the vege looked half dead, the pudding was sh*t and bean soup is the bane of my life. But the swimming pool next to the air-conditioned dining hall was pleasant. Grand Continental should totally repair their name in lights. It reads, "Gra....ental" (Or something like that but you get the picture).

Saleh's camera takes better pics than mine! Silly Sony Ixus 80IS.

It was nice seeing juniors and they were like, so funny... A first year Fishery student who helped me and my friends was like astounded that there were a lot of Chinese in my course. A lot?! There's only like, 7. And then there's me, the Lain-lain. Maybe because there aren't any in the first year. Oh well. The juniors looked so happy to see the never-before-seen 3rd years, it was quite sweet! :D

Complimentary fan. Just as well because it got hot after a while...

I wore my skyscraper heels and most of the comments I got were, "Why are you so taaaall" or "Kenapa Vanessa tinggi sangaaatt." Haha. They make my calves look thinner okay, and I can't help it that y'all are short... XD

But the short ones are the cute ones. =)
Just sayin'. They're also less snottier than taller people.

P/S: WHAT A WEEK. I have never been so tired or dogged after for months. I don't think it'll stop until after my exams. And tomorrow, back to another day at UMT's Entrepreneurship Expo 2010. Here we go again...

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