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Hostel Living

EDIT: Oops, accidentally published an unfinished post! Lulz. Might take some time to finish. Rome was not built in a day. FINISHED!

I was just flippin' thru my first year pictures in uni... Which was pretty awesome but it feels like it was eons ago. In first year, being juniors, we all stayed at the hostels, and mine was in the Ibnu Majah block and we (my roomies) considered ourselves lucky because we got the room facing the boys' hostel! Hello, Dolly!!!

Ah, first year. The year when Jack hung out a lot with my bunch of friends and the grand opening of Giant and Secret Recipe in Terengganu, where we could do demented things with our food, like this:

Then we had our very own Yoyo outside with juice and nata de coco, cybers aplenty and lots of food and drinks. Yes, living at the UMT hostel does have its perks. The path we took to the campus by the sea was dubbed 'Jalan Biawak' for its delightful inhabitants: giant monitor lizards. Nope, no pictures. I was too busy running away, screaming (kiddin').

Hostels were fun, I became really close friends with my roomies; Shu Kuan, Eva and Santha. Eventually, Shu, Eva and I moved out to a rented house after the mandatory first year in the hostel. Santha was part of the UMT hostel JKPP (which means she takes care of the hostel students' affairs). Hostels were nice (if a bit cramped) and the beach was AWESSUMMM but a change of scenery was in order! Plus the hostel gets really hot at the top floor till we wished we could make holes in the wall just for it to be cooler!!!

So then we moved out to Taman Sejati!!! Bye bye, good times at the hostel and hello to two years in the rundown suburbs of KT!! :-P


Funny thing I heard when traveling on the UMT bus yesterday...

Me sitting with my Borneo church friends in the bus.

Bus driver: *talking to 1st friend who has a package on her lap* Boyfriend hantar ka?
Us: *laugh coz it's from her dad*
2nd friend: Bapa dia yang hantar la...
Bus driver: *ignores her* Kamu sudah nak kahwin ka? Orang Sabah suka kahwin awal. Ada kawan saya kahwin masa dia berumur 18 tahun.
Us: *laugh even harder*
2nd friend: Mungkin adalah, zaman nenek kami!!

I was the only Sabahan btw. And no matter how much they insisted they were Sarawakian, he kept calling all of us Sabahans. Sabah + Sarawak translates to Sabah in the Peninsular. LMAO!!!! But not the first time it's happened.


Just wanted to share this poem with y'all, ripped off my sister's blog... ^^
Love how it bothers my state of mind.

One bright day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
drew their swords and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise
and ran to save the two dead boys.
And if you don't believe it's true,
go ask the blind man, he saw it too.


sierra. said…
it's actually a nursery rhyme! xD imagines those poor lil kiddies
varms said…
I don't think the kiddies really know what it means... Kinda morbid for a nursery rhyme. Like The Crooked Man.

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