Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March and Still Kickin'

I just came back from Kelantan a day ago, for a very short trip to Jeli, Kelantan for my Business Basics project. Gosh, Kelantan people are so funny. Friendly, but funny... Taking pictures in Jeli was hilarious, the people in the large trucks and cranes on a nearby construction site kept waving and honking non-stop! (I thought they were really pissed at someone at first... XD)

The people at the Pejabat Pertanian Jajahan Jeli place were really helpful. When I first walked in the Jabatan Pertanian headquarters, I felt like I was back in Likas Fisheries Research Center again. Like WOAH, dejavu. I guess government buildings built long ago were made pretty similarly... Anyway, Tuan Haji Sabri, the hydroponics expert of Kelantan was really helpful and knew everything there was to know about hydroponics. Thank you, kind person!!! (middle person in the pic below)

I've never blogged about food before, so here goes... No pictures of delicious food however, it was gone before I knew it! (I stink at this, should totally stop now! But what the heck.)

In KB, I ate at this Thai Restaurant with Ai Yin and her mother (not halal, I'm afraid), and everything (we had chicken kam hiong and the regular kangkung belacan + soup) was like, crazy spicy! Like tears-in-my-eyes spicy (I have very poor chilli tolerance). Gah. Kind of a shady place at night though I heard... =_='

Anyway, I have never been as bone-tired and sick-ish as I have been this past week, which is the main reason why I disappeared from the blogosphere for awhile. However, with most of my work over and done with, I have the whole night and the rest of tomorrow to catch up on sleep! &hearts

Look!!! I can't even cam-whore without the I-could-sleep-100-years expression!

I feel like I've never truly appreciated being lucky enough to have 8 hours of sleep a day. *yawn* Gonna do a Rip Van Winkle now.

*wobbles off to bed*

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