Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Quickie!

Last post of the month!

I am trying to keep to a strict schedule before my FYP final draft deadline and exams so no laying about. But I'll be as free as a bird after April the 4th! I've noticed my recent blog posts seem to be personal entries because this month has really drained me of my resources: time, energy and money. I also have to think about what comes after exams... And BTW, my lappy problems are over and done with, with no hard feelings... :-)

For all you people taking exams soon, don't forget the most important thing!


Seriously, without it you won't be able to think clearly. (I once wrote 'Harry Potter' once in an essay about water quality which was so off-topic and I had to Blanko it so my lecturer wouldn't see it and think I was crazy.) I learnt my lesson and from then on, I slept enough hours the night before the exam. Drink enough water too, being thirsty disturbs your concentration.

Music Break:
I am inordinately fond of this song. But then again all things Katy Perry make me happy!!! Some people say it's the kind of song you will either love or hate. I'm the former. And I love the way Timbaland doesn't just use white people in music videos. The whole world is mixing, right?

I can't find much information about the people who acted in the video, guess they're not that famous but I'd really like to know... All I could find out was that a Paul "Coy" Allen directed the video. (I know I'm like ketinggalan zaman already but I wish this song had more airplay in Malaysian radio stations!^^)

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