Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music Break: SoulJa (Japanese)

Okay, okay, I lied. Here I am blogging again. But I'll try to keep it short and sweet... This time it's about one of my favorite Japanese rappers whose songs I can never get enough of!!! SoulJa is half Belgian and half Japanese and he has this awesome side profile (so misleading, he looks like a hottie from the side) but it's his rap that I adore so it's not important. *beams*

His most popular song is Kokoniiruyo (ここにいるよ) ft. Thelma Aoyama (also half Japanese) and the song's gained so much popularity in recent years. The song's about long distance relationships. I stumbled on the song accidentally in 2008 and loved it to pieces!! Thelma's answer song, Soba Iru Ne (そばにいるね) ft. Soulja is also worth a listen (it was even more popular in Japan than Kokoniiruyo and featured in many advertisements). They both were virtually unknown to international audiences before these singles came out.

Soulja ft. Thelma Aoyama - Kokoniiruyo (I'm Here) MV

It has been covered by a Taiwanese group 'Da Mouth', eww (it's not that bad but it's missing the things that made the original special, like the piano and Soulja. Case closed.) A plastic-looking Japanese leading singer singing in Chinese does not make it more authentic, okay?

He also has another song 'Graduation/Sotsugyo' which is rather appropriate I feel for all of us final year students about to graduate... I love listening to these 3 songs when I'm studying, the smooth rap combined with the piano is rather refreshing... But then again that's just me. :-)

The weird thing about this singer is that I haven't heard from him since though I've seen him perform a couple of times in Japanese music shows, he doesn't have a Wiki page, zip, nada. Thelma Aoyama has been enjoying increased popularity however. Fingers crossed for a new album from Soulja! (I think he should change his name though, I get lotsa Soulja Boy crap when I search for him). *wicked laugh*

Toodles! ^^

UPDATE: This is how he looked in 2009! Talk about going for a whole new look!

More photos at his official website.


Anonymous said...

u should check out the original sotsugyo as the mv is an indies version it still sounds nice but didnt compare with the original as it was more heartwarming as it had kids singing in it.

varms said...

I do have that version, it's quite lovely... :)