Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reformatting Hell

ARGGHHH!!! This is like the WORST thing to happen EVER! After sulking and updating my software for days, I've finally come to terms with losing my TV shows and movie stash. Though I find it very hard to forgive the two people who erased my (D:) drive which contained all my movie stuff. I'm sure I will...someday, maybe next week, but currently I am still a bit bitter from losing my most treasured TV stash. (I used the HP Recovery disks to get it back to howdy-dowdy again.)

Here's the lowdown on what I lost:
3 seasons of Chuck (Update: Recovered this from Shu!!!)
3 seasons of Gossip Girl
Vampire Diaries
Glee Season 1 (Update: Eva has the whole thing!!!)
Flashforward Season 1
True Blood Season 2
You Are Beautiful (Kdrama)
Smile You (Kdrama)
Team Medical Dragon Season 1 (Shu has this too!!!)
Gokusen Season 3
All my BBC miniseries (Persuasion, North and South, Anne of Green Gables, Sense and Sensibility, Emma)

Most of which I downloaded myself, which means hardly anyone has copies of them. And all my movies!! I almost freaked out when my favorite chick flicks were gone and I had a mental breakdown for a while there. I made very depressing company for a few days. *sniff* (UPDATE: Thank heavens for friends with external hard drives...)

Let's look at the bright side shall we? The 'advantages' are:

1) Less clutter. (I can rearrange everything just the way I like it!)
2) Everything is back to default settings (I only had Recycle Bin at first!)
3) At least the damn laptop can start (and no forking out huge sums of money to get a new one).
4) Everything's faster. Big whoop.
5) It's an old laptop anyway, about 5 years old and Coco (my puppy) dragged it on the floor once and nearly peed on it. So judging that it crashed for the first time last week, I think that's a pretty good running history.

Overall, I guess I should thank my lucky stars I backed-up my thesis but somehow I can't bring myself to give a fig about it now. :-(

Somewhere out there in cyberspace, the people against Internet piracy are cackling in glee and concocting more ways to bring down people who fileshare.

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