Thursday, April 29, 2010

KL Is No Fun When You're Broke...

Meet Dome, Auntie Jakalyn's cat, which I adore for all its poofball-ess! I doubt that it returns my affection.

KL gives me a big headache especially on the roads where I seem to spend half of my waking hours. KL has a way of turning my mood sour sometimes.
But I do love it that I don't have to confound anyone with my embarrassingly awkward BM here.
Finally found Wifi at Starbucks in Jaya One. This place seems to be built in such a way as to puzzle noobs like me without a sense of direction.
Everywhere seemed to lead to a dead end, till finally, the first Starbucks I've seen in months!! :D
Read in a mag yesterday that people with sisters are more optimistic and ambititious people. Something to do with the stereotype of women having a knack for conversation. (Lies.) I have four sisters. Does this mean I'm super optimistic and chockful of ambition?! Still thinking about it. *uses blurface*
Works like a charm.

P/S: My sister, Sara here is in the middle of exams. And Chyna's in KL too, she'll be off to Matrics in Labuan soon. PLKN does NOTHING for your skin.... (Update: She'll be doing her diploma in KL)

&hearts Vanessa

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Open Water Scuba Diver's License at Bidong

At an event organized by Bidong Undersea Buddy (BUBU), I got to take my first Open Water Scuba Diver's License under SDI! I'm just really glad I got to experience diving for the first time!! It was really scary the first time I put on the scuba gear - it weighed a ton!! - and then fear started to sink in - hard. The first time underwater took some getting used to as you solely depend on the oxygen tank to breathe. I don't have an underwater camera, if I find any pics floating around FB, I'll post them up!!

There were two diving instructors, En. Nadzim and En. Baharim. I was under En. Nadzim and if you're wondering, he's this guy...

He was really patient with all of us and was so funny that it made class all the more enjoyable!! The Dive Master, En. Faizal, was really cool too, eventhough he told me I was a bit blur underwater and proceeded to call me 'Blur' for the rest of the diving lesson. Hahahahhaha.... But he seriously helped me a lot with my non-existent buoyancy skills.

En. Baharim was good too (he taught us some uh, interesting hand signals), I heard, though once when I wandered into his group by mistake, he bellowed,"SEJAK BILA KAMU DALAM GROUP SAYA??!", to my absolute mortification. He was ok with me after that, though I fear I'm being called blur by more than one person now... I dunno how I get myself into these kind of situations...

For the SDI license, we had to take 4 training dives to areas deeper than 10 m. They place more emphasis on practical training than theory but we had night theory classes too and a few dives at 2 m first where we had to learn skills like, partial flooded mask clearing, full flooded mask clearing, taking off the mask underwater, regulator recovery, regulator assistance from buddy, equalization and other stuff.

Diving underwater in 10 m is really awesome and I got to see lots of fishes (what I could see of them anyway, I wasn't wearing any kind of corrective lenses and my degree is above 400.) Apparently there were angelfishes, clown fishes (which I never get to spot), razor fishes and cardinal fishes. And Aizat, my buddy, picked up this gross looking sea cucumber and scared the daylights out of me. I did see a school of fish leap over the sea which was something gorgeous to look at, however fleeting...

Nice people, haha....

Anyway, I thought I was doing pretty well till we had to do the free descent at Bidong's Underwater Gallery (about 16 m)... I went down a little too fast and didn't show the right hand signal to my instructor as he helped me go down. My outer membrane of my eardrum burst due to pressure and now I am not allowed to dive for 3-4 months. I went to see the doctor on hand because I had a bad feeling about my ear, and he said I definitely burst it. :-( My instructor said even if I wanted to dive, he wasn't going to let me. *feeling put-out* Shit happens.

I still got my license though, even though I didn't take the compass skill test but we practised on land already, and my dad would have a fit if I didn't get my license. Haha and after that happened everyone was really nice to me but a few made fun of my temporary hearing impairment by mouthing silent words (throws dirty looks at HEPA guy, Aizat and En. Nadzim). My ear drums work fine, thanks! It's just that one side feels rather odd. I am sooo going to the clinic tomorrow.

I was one of two people who didn't equalize properly and spoiled our eardrums. The first was Kak Siti Mariam's hubby who was there for the Leisure Dive. Encik Nadzim said accidents can happen even after you get your license so we should all EQUALIZE PROPERLY. Words all scuba-divers should live by. It's no joke, I tell you.

Last minute photo-taking was fun. People are so much less stuffier than they are on campus at the islands... Love how people just let go here!!! xD

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I'm really glad I got to take my license at Bidong. It is mainly a research island, and has a colourful Vietnamese refugees history. There's turtles (I missed out on that dive), a place called Christmas Trees (or something like that) as well as the Underwater Gallery. I hope my next dive will be even better! Dae bak!

For more info on diving at Bidong Island, you can visit BUBU's Facebook group. Kthxbai.

P.S. I really hope my ear will be alright. Would really hate to miss out on more diving... :-( (Update: Doc said I should be alright after a couple of months and gave me ear drops.)

Pic credit: Aizat and other peeps on FB

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My 'Holidays' Thus Far...

Because this reminds me of Lucky... XD

Hey!! Had a long break because it's been so hot I've been having such sh!tty sleep these past few days. I finally had a beautiful night's sleep - might have had something to do with the heavy shower last night.

Downloading is pretty slow these days, I'm downloading lots of Korean movies! e.g.The Sword With No Name (set in olden times of Korea), Descendants of Hong Gil Dong (the drama was okay, the movie looks um... interesting), Kiss Me Kill Me (about a hitman, LOL-ed at the title). Bored of American TV shows ATM... Anything to pass the time before my scuba lessons next week...

I finished the 2009 k-movie Take-Off too which I kind of regretted watching. I won't even bother reviewing it properly, it was that crappy. It was about a motley crew of underdogs who represented Korea in ski-jumping at the Winter Olympics. I watched it because it did really well in Korean cinemas (should have known, the only things that perform well are patriotic 'ground-breaking' movies) and because it stars Kim Ji Suk (right)! Maybe you have to be Korean to love this but I HATED it. It offends Japanese, African American and American people in general. Not to mention special children. I've watched a lot of bad Korean movies for hot actors and this definitely falls in that category. His current drama, Personal Taste, is MUCH better. :)

I got asked to do first reading in mass next week!!! But then I remembered I'll be at Pulau Bidong... Auntie Sita made me hang out at the Formation House last Friday. Lol. I haven't been over there in ages!!! But the new sisters-in-training, Angeline and Rinny, were really nice, maybe I should be sociable more often...

I know this entry is pretty random but my thoughts are rather scatter-brained. This always happens after I read books (borrowed off Sara) I've noticed. I still have to finish my FYP slides and brush up on my thesis as my supervisor wants to see it on the 25th and I doubt I'll be able to get anything done on the island... Looking forward to blogging about my diving lessons! :D Most people have headed home already but I'll be staying in Terengganu till I graduate... Miss home lots!!!

Still inexplicably addicted to this song...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Season's Kdramas

This season's k-dramas are so juicy I don't know where to begin!!! I'll start off with what I like the most and move downwards from there. All the dramas listed here are currently airing in Korea and I've only seen about 4 episodes of each so far... I think I have a thing for SBS dramas these days... :)

First of all, there's Prosecutor Princess [SBS] (my sisters were ROFL-ing at the title) but it's by far my favourite. The ladies are most importantly, likable from the Elle Woods clone, Ma Hye Ri to mousy little Jung Sun (who I can relate to). This was the drama I didn't bother with initially because I thought it looked too Lawyers of Korea or Partner (zzzZZZ). Anyway, it turns out I like it the most which might have something to do with the writer who did Shining Inheritance (one of my favourites!) or more likely the eye candy in this show! The eye candy I'm talking about is Park Shi Hoo (never heard of him but he's grand), Han Jung Soo (General Choi in Chuno!) and Yoo Gun (Project Makeover, My Mighty Princess)!! Anyway, I hope the storyline about the cases doesn't tire me out, frankly I think the show sparkles when Hye Ri puts her touch on things. Anyway, I'll probably be downloading this one... Wish they would put a lid on Shinee's Fly Hiiighhhh though.

L-R: Park Shi Hoo, Han Jung Soo, Yoo Gun

Secondly, we have the much anticipated Personal Taste [MBC] which has been covered already by various sources. To put it simply, an architect (Lee Min Ho of BOF fame) pretends to be gay (or rather the girl believes him to be) to stay in Kae-in's (Sohn Ye Jin) house which is a masterpiece of Korean architecture which he needs to base his plans on. It's a comedy alright, it'll have you rolling with laughter, I like Son Ye Jin and Min Ho's fans will be all over this, no doubt. I will definitely stick around for as long as this drama holds my attention but I don't feel a pull to keep watching it. My sister's bugging me to download this one (my poor hard disk!). Rom com lovers should definitely check this one out as well as the soundtrack.

Next we have Oh! My Lady [SBS], made popular by the presence of Si Won's dimples. I really do like Si Won and all, but I feel that this drama is just an excuse to flash his abs in almost every episode and argh, the second male lead is Mr Pinocchio, Lee Hyun Woo (which I can't bring myself to root for, EVER. Not since Attic Cat). Chae Rim was lovely in Dal Ja's Spring but her character here just doesn't do it for me (the ajumma look is so bland, her personality is meh). Si Won's 'daughter' here is the cutest little thing ever! The cheeks! The pink outfits! Anyway, I imagine ELFs (Super Junior's fan club) will be very taken with this drama and issuing death threats to poor Chae Rim. I'll probably fast forward to the ending for this one.

Last but not least, we have Cinderella's Sister [KBS] which has been killing the ratings with its topsy-turvy Cinderella story. I think it's made itself out to be a mysterious, melodramatic fairytale, which I really can't stomach much of, even if it is Moon Geun Young. Taecyeon will be in this too so that means I will be periodically checking out this series (imma Taecyeon fangirl!). The doll-like actress Seo Woo (I liked her in Crush and Blush) and the fresh out of the army, Chun Jun Myung, are acting in this. This drama had the most publicity before finally airing and has a haunting soundtrack (so did Painter of the Wind, but I wasn't invested enough to follow that drama).

Yessss!!! I can finally resume watching my kdramas after being so busy this semester! I only had time for Shu's jdorama Sushi Oji, which was um, so very special!!! Amusing nonetheless with its wackiness and lead character's Fish Eye Phobia *giggles*!!

Oh fishcakes, it's dinnertime!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bieber Teen Sensation

WHOA. Where did the Bieber boy come from? I heard about someone called Justin Bieber on Perez and everywhere else online. My sisters also love and adore this boy and I had no idea why. He's just another Disney teeny-bopper right? Listening to Favourite Girl and Baby did not faze me.

Unbelievably, Justin Bieber started out as a Youtube star that eventually got signed to Usher's record company. His popularity has exploded over the last few months and it seemed like he came out of nowhere! Tasting fame at only 16 and standing barely a couple of inches over five feet, this boy's voice is still changing. I thought he'd be like the Jonas Brothers so I rolled my eyes and ignored anything that came my way about this boy.

What sparked my interest was when I wikied him one day out of exasperation and when I found out he started out in Youtube, I was intrigued (so he's not a Disney star?). Then I checked out his Baby video featuring the rap of Ludacris (he collaborates with grown-ups!) and I understood the craze. Oh yes, the moment he smiled, I was like, squealing "So cuttteee!!!!" Nowigetit, okay. I'm unabashedly hooked onto Eenie Meenie (ft. Sean Kingston) and Baby (ft. Ludacris). The Bieber is just too precious for words.

How ironic. I'm usually indifferent to the the likes of teen stars like Miley, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Watch if you do not fear joining the darkness! (P.S. It doesn't really work on guys. Unless your name is Perez.)

Watch this only for the first bit... XD

Rock-climbing at 1U

Phew, I seem to have lost the urge to blog after exams are over. April looks like it's gonna be pretty quiet since I have to wait till my final year presentations (postponed again till 5-6 May) are over.

Anyway, pretty much the reason I'm blogging now is that I've finally recuperated enough after coming back from KL by bus! How tiring, my poor bones. I went over to KL with Natallee and stayed over in Melissa's house in Damansara, which was fun, her mum is a fantastic cook (mutton curry!) and her dad is such a nice person to talk to.

Tourists! Bah, humbug.

Went rock climbing in 1Utama which was a new experience, I've tried rock climbing in Outward Bound Sabah but that was a slab of cement (harder!), this was an artificial wall. The people working here were so friendly and helpful, I would love to be a member here if I could. It was only RM12 for rental of the harness and shoes because a member can bring along 2 guests.

Figuring out how to tie the 'ropes of life'.

Melissa as our belayer. Hope I wasn't too heavy, hehe.

Anyway, I only scaled the walls twice, my arms couldn't take anymore because we'd been bowling before this (dang, those balls were heavy). The first time, I didn't realize my shirt rode up to my waist, HAHAHHAHA. And Sara just had to take pictures of my fat hanging out.

"And the wolf huffed and he puffed..."

I did somehow miraculously reach the top. Whheeeee!!! Though when I asked to be let down a couple of times, I was met with yells of "A LITTLE BIT MORE!!!" Friends, my tush.

*pant**pant* SUCCESS!!

After that, we scooted off to Carls Jr, the burger joint of humongous proportions. My chicken burger was twice the size of McD's Double Cheeseburger and twice as thick as Burger King's Chicken Royale burger.

What passes as a salad here...

The next day was ice-skating! I'm a lot better at it lol! I can actually turn properly at corners now and skate at a faster speed. If only I could skate as well as those rotten little kids on ice. Hmph. Skating makes your legs ache horribly. Rock climbing does that to your arms and shoulders. To put it plainly, I was aching everywhere and walking like an old man with creaky bones two days later...

Asia Cafe

Anyway, I joined my sister for dinner at Asia Cafe in Subang, which is this neat little food court type of place mainly frequented by students all over KL and outside KL. It has all kinds of food, from western to local, Penang food, Sarawakian food, the works. It's cheap (the most important part!) and the wooden deck is really nice to sit at! My cuz, Rachel and Ting brought me here once a couple of years ago too.

Also had time for Lovely Bones (good movie) and Clash of the Titans (Loved it!!! But you'll either hate it or love it, it's either one for most people).

That's all I have time for today. Till boredom strikes again! ^^

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Of Monkeys and Boneheads...

Bickering with housemates is like a way of life with me in Uni. Most of the time, they all gang up against me to bring me down. It's all in good fun...I think. Well this is how one of those times went.

Me Dexter

Dexter:*pokes at my himono-onna bun* What's with your hair?

Me: Huh?

Dexter: You can keep a monkey in that.

Me: Hmph. You have a big tummy.

Dexter: Yeah. *looks down*

Me: You can keep a monkey in that.

*Eva snickering in the background*

HAH!!! One of the rare moments I one-upped a housemate! BTW, the monkey is a Crayon Shin Chan joke (Dexter, 2010). I KNOW, I didn't get it either.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Double Take: Zack and Cody

Anyone who has ever watched Disney in high school or re-runs of The Suite Life would probably recognize these guys... Well, their younger selves anyway! :D

Me thinks I've been away from the Disney sphere too long or grew up or something because I totally didn't notice that the Sprouse brothers are all grown up!!! They're 92-ers, so I'm like a noona to them... Anyway, hope I'll be seeing both of them soon on the big or small screen, it's just so weird though because I still think of them as the cute kids living The Suite Life, up to mischief as usual!

Dylan's the taller one... Or it could be the other way around. I'm confused.

To quote Dylan in a brief interview with La Coacha, "I grew up a lot since you've last seen me but guess what, I have more hair in different places!" Riiight...

WEIRD. I have this theory that Kuala Terengganu is like a secret time warp that sucks the years from you. If I turn my back on them for a sec, they'll probably grow beards and still have enough time to weave them into bathroom rugs...

Gonna get some Zs now before Good Friday mass. Till better days! :)