Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bieber Teen Sensation

WHOA. Where did the Bieber boy come from? I heard about someone called Justin Bieber on Perez and everywhere else online. My sisters also love and adore this boy and I had no idea why. He's just another Disney teeny-bopper right? Listening to Favourite Girl and Baby did not faze me.

Unbelievably, Justin Bieber started out as a Youtube star that eventually got signed to Usher's record company. His popularity has exploded over the last few months and it seemed like he came out of nowhere! Tasting fame at only 16 and standing barely a couple of inches over five feet, this boy's voice is still changing. I thought he'd be like the Jonas Brothers so I rolled my eyes and ignored anything that came my way about this boy.

What sparked my interest was when I wikied him one day out of exasperation and when I found out he started out in Youtube, I was intrigued (so he's not a Disney star?). Then I checked out his Baby video featuring the rap of Ludacris (he collaborates with grown-ups!) and I understood the craze. Oh yes, the moment he smiled, I was like, squealing "So cuttteee!!!!" Nowigetit, okay. I'm unabashedly hooked onto Eenie Meenie (ft. Sean Kingston) and Baby (ft. Ludacris). The Bieber is just too precious for words.

How ironic. I'm usually indifferent to the the likes of teen stars like Miley, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Watch if you do not fear joining the darkness! (P.S. It doesn't really work on guys. Unless your name is Perez.)

Watch this only for the first bit... XD


silveraven said...

when i first heard Baby, i thought it was sung by a girl.

varms said...

I knew he existed then, so I thought that song had to be the Bieber boy... haha...