Friday, April 02, 2010

Double Take: Zack and Cody

Anyone who has ever watched Disney in high school or re-runs of The Suite Life would probably recognize these guys... Well, their younger selves anyway! :D

Me thinks I've been away from the Disney sphere too long or grew up or something because I totally didn't notice that the Sprouse brothers are all grown up!!! They're 92-ers, so I'm like a noona to them... Anyway, hope I'll be seeing both of them soon on the big or small screen, it's just so weird though because I still think of them as the cute kids living The Suite Life, up to mischief as usual!

Dylan's the taller one... Or it could be the other way around. I'm confused.

To quote Dylan in a brief interview with La Coacha, "I grew up a lot since you've last seen me but guess what, I have more hair in different places!" Riiight...

WEIRD. I have this theory that Kuala Terengganu is like a secret time warp that sucks the years from you. If I turn my back on them for a sec, they'll probably grow beards and still have enough time to weave them into bathroom rugs...

Gonna get some Zs now before Good Friday mass. Till better days! :)

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