Thursday, April 29, 2010

KL Is No Fun When You're Broke...

Meet Dome, Auntie Jakalyn's cat, which I adore for all its poofball-ess! I doubt that it returns my affection.

KL gives me a big headache especially on the roads where I seem to spend half of my waking hours. KL has a way of turning my mood sour sometimes.
But I do love it that I don't have to confound anyone with my embarrassingly awkward BM here.
Finally found Wifi at Starbucks in Jaya One. This place seems to be built in such a way as to puzzle noobs like me without a sense of direction.
Everywhere seemed to lead to a dead end, till finally, the first Starbucks I've seen in months!! :D
Read in a mag yesterday that people with sisters are more optimistic and ambititious people. Something to do with the stereotype of women having a knack for conversation. (Lies.) I have four sisters. Does this mean I'm super optimistic and chockful of ambition?! Still thinking about it. *uses blurface*
Works like a charm.

P/S: My sister, Sara here is in the middle of exams. And Chyna's in KL too, she'll be off to Matrics in Labuan soon. PLKN does NOTHING for your skin.... (Update: She'll be doing her diploma in KL)

&hearts Vanessa

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