Saturday, April 03, 2010

Of Monkeys and Boneheads...

Bickering with housemates is like a way of life with me in Uni. Most of the time, they all gang up against me to bring me down. It's all in good fun...I think. Well this is how one of those times went.

Me Dexter

Dexter:*pokes at my himono-onna bun* What's with your hair?

Me: Huh?

Dexter: You can keep a monkey in that.

Me: Hmph. You have a big tummy.

Dexter: Yeah. *looks down*

Me: You can keep a monkey in that.

*Eva snickering in the background*

HAH!!! One of the rare moments I one-upped a housemate! BTW, the monkey is a Crayon Shin Chan joke (Dexter, 2010). I KNOW, I didn't get it either.


sierra. said...

eva is pretty awesome

varms said...

yes, she is. XD

kristensoong said...

I miss those days at the Taman Sejati house!! LOL!! with Eva's snickerings.... LOL!