Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rock-climbing at 1U

Phew, I seem to have lost the urge to blog after exams are over. April looks like it's gonna be pretty quiet since I have to wait till my final year presentations (postponed again till 5-6 May) are over.

Anyway, pretty much the reason I'm blogging now is that I've finally recuperated enough after coming back from KL by bus! How tiring, my poor bones. I went over to KL with Natallee and stayed over in Melissa's house in Damansara, which was fun, her mum is a fantastic cook (mutton curry!) and her dad is such a nice person to talk to.

Tourists! Bah, humbug.

Went rock climbing in 1Utama which was a new experience, I've tried rock climbing in Outward Bound Sabah but that was a slab of cement (harder!), this was an artificial wall. The people working here were so friendly and helpful, I would love to be a member here if I could. It was only RM12 for rental of the harness and shoes because a member can bring along 2 guests.

Figuring out how to tie the 'ropes of life'.

Melissa as our belayer. Hope I wasn't too heavy, hehe.

Anyway, I only scaled the walls twice, my arms couldn't take anymore because we'd been bowling before this (dang, those balls were heavy). The first time, I didn't realize my shirt rode up to my waist, HAHAHHAHA. And Sara just had to take pictures of my fat hanging out.

"And the wolf huffed and he puffed..."

I did somehow miraculously reach the top. Whheeeee!!! Though when I asked to be let down a couple of times, I was met with yells of "A LITTLE BIT MORE!!!" Friends, my tush.

*pant**pant* SUCCESS!!

After that, we scooted off to Carls Jr, the burger joint of humongous proportions. My chicken burger was twice the size of McD's Double Cheeseburger and twice as thick as Burger King's Chicken Royale burger.

What passes as a salad here...

The next day was ice-skating! I'm a lot better at it lol! I can actually turn properly at corners now and skate at a faster speed. If only I could skate as well as those rotten little kids on ice. Hmph. Skating makes your legs ache horribly. Rock climbing does that to your arms and shoulders. To put it plainly, I was aching everywhere and walking like an old man with creaky bones two days later...

Asia Cafe

Anyway, I joined my sister for dinner at Asia Cafe in Subang, which is this neat little food court type of place mainly frequented by students all over KL and outside KL. It has all kinds of food, from western to local, Penang food, Sarawakian food, the works. It's cheap (the most important part!) and the wooden deck is really nice to sit at! My cuz, Rachel and Ting brought me here once a couple of years ago too.

Also had time for Lovely Bones (good movie) and Clash of the Titans (Loved it!!! But you'll either hate it or love it, it's either one for most people).

That's all I have time for today. Till boredom strikes again! ^^

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