Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Season's Kdramas

This season's k-dramas are so juicy I don't know where to begin!!! I'll start off with what I like the most and move downwards from there. All the dramas listed here are currently airing in Korea and I've only seen about 4 episodes of each so far... I think I have a thing for SBS dramas these days... :)

First of all, there's Prosecutor Princess [SBS] (my sisters were ROFL-ing at the title) but it's by far my favourite. The ladies are most importantly, likable from the Elle Woods clone, Ma Hye Ri to mousy little Jung Sun (who I can relate to). This was the drama I didn't bother with initially because I thought it looked too Lawyers of Korea or Partner (zzzZZZ). Anyway, it turns out I like it the most which might have something to do with the writer who did Shining Inheritance (one of my favourites!) or more likely the eye candy in this show! The eye candy I'm talking about is Park Shi Hoo (never heard of him but he's grand), Han Jung Soo (General Choi in Chuno!) and Yoo Gun (Project Makeover, My Mighty Princess)!! Anyway, I hope the storyline about the cases doesn't tire me out, frankly I think the show sparkles when Hye Ri puts her touch on things. Anyway, I'll probably be downloading this one... Wish they would put a lid on Shinee's Fly Hiiighhhh though.

L-R: Park Shi Hoo, Han Jung Soo, Yoo Gun

Secondly, we have the much anticipated Personal Taste [MBC] which has been covered already by various sources. To put it simply, an architect (Lee Min Ho of BOF fame) pretends to be gay (or rather the girl believes him to be) to stay in Kae-in's (Sohn Ye Jin) house which is a masterpiece of Korean architecture which he needs to base his plans on. It's a comedy alright, it'll have you rolling with laughter, I like Son Ye Jin and Min Ho's fans will be all over this, no doubt. I will definitely stick around for as long as this drama holds my attention but I don't feel a pull to keep watching it. My sister's bugging me to download this one (my poor hard disk!). Rom com lovers should definitely check this one out as well as the soundtrack.

Next we have Oh! My Lady [SBS], made popular by the presence of Si Won's dimples. I really do like Si Won and all, but I feel that this drama is just an excuse to flash his abs in almost every episode and argh, the second male lead is Mr Pinocchio, Lee Hyun Woo (which I can't bring myself to root for, EVER. Not since Attic Cat). Chae Rim was lovely in Dal Ja's Spring but her character here just doesn't do it for me (the ajumma look is so bland, her personality is meh). Si Won's 'daughter' here is the cutest little thing ever! The cheeks! The pink outfits! Anyway, I imagine ELFs (Super Junior's fan club) will be very taken with this drama and issuing death threats to poor Chae Rim. I'll probably fast forward to the ending for this one.

Last but not least, we have Cinderella's Sister [KBS] which has been killing the ratings with its topsy-turvy Cinderella story. I think it's made itself out to be a mysterious, melodramatic fairytale, which I really can't stomach much of, even if it is Moon Geun Young. Taecyeon will be in this too so that means I will be periodically checking out this series (imma Taecyeon fangirl!). The doll-like actress Seo Woo (I liked her in Crush and Blush) and the fresh out of the army, Chun Jun Myung, are acting in this. This drama had the most publicity before finally airing and has a haunting soundtrack (so did Painter of the Wind, but I wasn't invested enough to follow that drama).

Yessss!!! I can finally resume watching my kdramas after being so busy this semester! I only had time for Shu's jdorama Sushi Oji, which was um, so very special!!! Amusing nonetheless with its wackiness and lead character's Fish Eye Phobia *giggles*!!

Oh fishcakes, it's dinnertime!


SayaJackIkan said...

manalah..kamu download semua ini?since im also stuck at KT , saya mau jua

varms said...

I'm only downloading the first one... No softsubs yet unless you understand korean...