Monday, May 31, 2010

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan

Here's my 1st cousin, Dymphna Emma Yong, who joined the Unduk Ngadau this year!! *so proud* And her sister, Aimee (future Unduk Ngadau contestant)..

FYI for noobs: Unduk Ngadau is a yearly pageant for Kadazan beauties (it's a Sabahan thing). Each district is represented by one gal. The best sumandak wins!

Here I pay homage to my Kadazandusun roots and wish everyone a Happy Kaamatan with much joy, drinking, gambling, karaoke-ing and catching up with relatives! =) To me, Kaamatan means heading down to Tambunan to celebrate with my maternal relatives, the Yongs of Tambunan. Sino-kadazans (Chinese-Kadazan) to be exact, my mum says we're descended from some random Chinese tribe in mainland China, with whom we've only recently managed to regain contact with.

May everyone and their families be blessed with a bountiful rice harvest and never go hungry for generations to come. :-)

Being stuck in a state where they don't even understand what moginum or aramaitii means (to quote my high school senior), sucks. Wtf, it's just another holiday.

P/S: Don't drink and drive. Kekekeke....

Pic credit: Uploaded by someone called Alvernia on FB (muahahahhah...)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scribbles From An Almost-hermit

Not that kind of hermit, fooool!!

To end the wonderful month of May, which has been rather uneventful compared to April (April was awesome), comes this last post here. I'm hoping June will be more interesting! Nothing seems blog-worthy these days or inspiring in any way. Maybe it's because I'm still new at this being independent thing and I'm rapidly turning into a reclusive hermit who grunts at people who call out of the blue.

Hopefully, that will all change next month. I must make the effort to change and for this I need to summon all my positive energy and channel it into job applications. Haha.

Sitting on a chair from 9-5 is making me flabby. I need to get some exercise, flab on a slim person looks unsightly. Time for some movin'! (Only my sisters will understand the hilarity of this statement.)

Anyway, Mika's We Are Golden has just replaced Lee Hyori's How Did We Get (ft. Dae Sung) as my fave ringtone! I like its early shock factor and perky sounding tune (for lack of better words). &hearts Mika! I also love that he penned the song Gave It All Away by Boyzone earlier this year, which was overshadowed by Stephen Gately's untimely demise.

My housemate likes to call all the music I listen to, gay. Cobra Starship - half-gay. Mika - gay. Katy Perry - gay. Owl City - gay. +_+

I don't give a fig in hell because all the music this person likes to listen to are "getting jiggy with it" songs, with chicks dancing in a club/beach/cruiseship, whatever. And praise and worship songs. Not that I think they're bad, but most of them are...repetitive? And sound the same.

My own father has joined the legion of people who think I look like Giuliana Rancic. He says we even act the same way!! Whhuttt??? So if he misses his big girl, all he has to do is switch to E! News. The funniest thing I've ever heard. Why?

Number 1: She has an orange tan.
Number 2: She is super skinny and super toned.
Number 3: Personality-wise, I'm not nearly as bold as her.
Number 4: I did not surgically enhance my breasts.
Number 5: I do not have a hot husband named Bill.

TTFN! Because I am only 6.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cartoons from the 90s!!

I can't really remember everything I used to watch in primary school, I just knew I really liked reading Nancy Drew books, Harry Potter, the Narnia chronicles, etc. Books were my world back then, when real life felt like the pits and the places in books seemed like a hell of a better place. I was an extremely awkward and shy child. I may still suffer the after-effects of my tormented childhood, which explains A LOT.

Anyway, I watched loads of Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo , Cow and Chicken (*_*), I Am Weasel (I R Baboon! and the Pantless Devil), Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Mummies Alive, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Recess, Hey Arnold (Helga Pataki-that unforgettable unibrow), Sonic the Hedgehog and other random stuff back then. The 90s was a great decade to be a kid. :-)

Recognize any of these lines?
1) Move it, football head!!
2) "...blows his experiments, to smithereens..." (lyrics)
3) "...Dad was proud, he didn't know how." (lyrics)
4) Police! There's a handsome man in my mirror! Wait, it's just me.
5) *mumbles and whines urgently at the latest dastardly weird thing approaching*
That's all I got for ya. My memory fails meeee...

Recently, I was reminded of the cartoon As Told By Ginger. I never forgot the lyrics and listening to it now, the lyrics seem to shine a different light now that I'm more 'mature'. (I AM AN OLD RAMBLING CRONE.)

Back then, it was all about being stuck between adolescence and adulthood. The younger me would interpret this song as, "We all want to GROW UP quickly! But we should be happy being a kid. Coz we rock." Now, I see that it applies no matter how old you are, people may say wonderful things about things we haven't done, places we haven't been, but it all boils down to whether you feel happy and content wherever you are.

I tend to over-analyze things too much (a habit instilled by my English Literature teacher in high school. I miss uuu, Puan Alia!)

Back to present day, where my youngest sister is completely uninterested or may not even recognize the cartoons I used to watch! These days, Hannah Montana *wince*, Danny Phantom and Ben 10 reign supremacy.

But then again she's more of an otaku really. Don't get me started on the anime I used to watch. Saiyuki all the way, baby! That stuff to me is LEGEND-NEVER-TO-BE-TOPPED. Everrr.

*goes back to doing nerdy things*

P/S: Course I watched Asian stuff too like Doraemon and Akazukin Cha Cha (major lolz!). Oh, but never did I stoop to this.

KELUANG MAN: Ambik kau, Lat Kampung Boy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GLEE's Jesse St. James!!

As most Gleeks already know, Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) is Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) latest man candy on the show in its second season. He ever so charmingly slipped in with Lionel Richie's Hello, which I thought was quite a smarmy entrance but little by little as the episodes wore on, I realized that daaaammnn, he's got a cute smile! Imma total sucker for smiles. Of course, one gets the feeling that Rachel's One True Love has to be Finn (Cory Monteith), right?

Groff, like many others on Glee, is a Broadway actor who previously starred in Spring Awakening (which looks a little R-rated to me, from 2006-2008) opposite Lea, and they became fast friends until now. In fact, Jonathan was the one who introduced Lea to the man behind Glee, Ryan Murphy, before production on the series began.

Added to that are reports of Jonathan Groff being slated for only 5-6 episodes and Jane Lynch has divulged that he will be performing in the rival team, Vocal Adrenaline in the final episode. I know no girl has a chance in the world anyway since the real Jonathan is gaaayyy.... *hearts everywhere breaking into a million pieces* His best friend, Lea Michele's Jewish dad has even offered him (jokingly I expect) a house to marry her to no avail.

Never mind, I'm pretty sure these other guys from Glee are straight (aside from Kurt that is)... Heeee~

Mark Salling (Sweeet Caroline...), Harry Schum Jr. (the dancing machine!), Kevin McHale (adorable) and Cory Monteith

Pssst! Rumour has it that Jonathan Groff's boyfriend is fellow Broadway actor Gavin Creel.

BRB dyyiinnggg

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chuck Renewed for 4th Season!

Once more, Chuck has defied expectations as NBC has given the green light for a fourth season. Woot! I know I've posted this on Twitter already but another article doesn't hurt. In fact, this year, the network was even more optimistic in renewing Chuck for another season given its pretty solid fan base and the Save Chuck campaigns that roar into action every time a season comes to an end.

I'm only midway into the 3rd season, I've been distracted by Vampire Diaries, Flashforward and Glee as well as my other drama priorities. Chuck has always been rather consistent in the entertainment department, I would never ever drop it! :)

Joshua Gomez thinks that if you want to save Chuck, you gotta...

Review: Prosecutor Princess (K-drama)

Drama: Prosecutor Princess/검사 프린세스 [SBS]
Episodes: 16
Cast: Kim So Yeon, Park Shi Hoo, Han Jung Soo, Choi Song Hyun
Year: 2010

I really underestimated this drama before it even aired, because the lead actor was not familiar to me and I didn't particularly like Kim So Yeon OR the drama's premise which revolved around lawyers and prosecutors (most legal-related dramas are bleargh to me). But I gave it a shot because Personal Taste just wasn't cutting it for me. And I never looked back since!!

THE PLOT: Dramawiki tells me that Ma Hye Ri (Kim So Yeon) passed the bar exam with ease due to her high IQ but rather than honing her talents, she is more interested in the latest designer threads. Hard work just doesn't suit her so she is far from being an ideal prosecutor. Through her conflicts with senior colleagues and struggles with difficult cases, as well as a few nudges in the right direction from a certain mysterious lawyer, Seo In Woo (Park Shi Hoo)-with a penchant for making stalking look perfectly acceptable, Hye Ri gradually matures into a brilliant prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice. When evidence of an old murder case points fingers at her father and In Woo is revealed to be the instigator of this revelation, Hye Ri must deal with its implications.

First of all, I'd like to comment on the overall production. The scenes were all so pretty and the lighting with very natural-looking hues and soft colors which made everything so pleasant to look at. I also like the way they incorporated nature in what would have been a very walls-and-desks sort of drama by filming parks, cherry blossoms etc. Enough on the shrubbery, the Shining Inheritance PD-writer team deserve some major thumbs-up for this, I loved it every bit as much as Shining Inheritance, probably even more.

Kim So Yeon is (literally!) sparkling here as Prosecutor Ma Hye Ri, I may not love all her outfits but her earrings are to die for! Her hair at the beginning put me off but I quite liked the tied-back style of the later episodes. This drama shines whenever Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo are in a scene together!! Completely squeal-worthy every week with a lot of memorable moments despite middling ratings in South Korea. It's tough competing with star powerhouses like Moon Geun Young (Cinderella's Stepsister) and Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste). I watched all three but Prosecutor Princess was the one I looked forward to eagerly every week!! Eventually I dropped the other two...

I'm trying really hard to stifle my fan-girlyness over Park Shi Hoo (The smile! The voice! Ack!) or I might just self-combust. Suffice it to say that he is one of the most promising of Korean Wave's new generation. Peppered throughout the drama were elements that might be familiar to Shining Inheritance fans, such as the lost brother's poster at the police station, appearances by SI supporting actors (the manager dude! Butler Pyo! The best friend...) and *spoiler* the song 'Will You Marry Me' by Lee Seung Gi at the end of the series at a very cute scene between second-fiddle-no-more Yoon Se Jung (Han Jung Soo) and shy Jung Sun (Choi Song Hyun).*end of spoiler*

The prosecutor team!

Yoo Gun was criminally underused in this drama...

I vaguely wish there was an SBSWorld channel since most of my fave dramas recently seem to be SBS dramas such as You're Beautiful, Shining Inheritance and Smile, You. They seem to broadcast the particular brand of k-dramas I'm so fond of. Credit to aberdeen_angus and kaedejun over at Dramabeans, whose recaps were the reason I started watching in the first place. Best songs from the soundtrack are Monday Kiz's Goodbye My Princess, AB Avenue's Lost and instrumental track Love Is You. I'm just going to ignore the fact that Fly High by SHINEE is the theme song.

Goodbye Prosecutor Princess! The last few weeks have been amazing! *waves*

Pic credit: All over the Internet

5/5 stars!! (I should stop rating dramas, because I usually only bother to do reviews of dramas I adore...)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekends Just Ain't the Same

As much as I dislike Audrina Patridge and anything to do with The Hills (don't get me started on Speidi and LC), I do envy Audrina Patridge's gorgeous dark tresses.

I'm thinking of dying my hair brown this time, usually I dye it dark auburn, which usually goes orange after a few months. Anyway, I'm going to say to hell with the humid weather, I refuse to have short hair unless I have a gazillion kids yanking the ends of my hair or I live in a world where women decide to wear the pants and not men. (Actually I don't mind but it takes aaaages to grow back again...)

Which brings me to people's assumption that I'm an active girl who loves a challenge. In high school, you'd probably be laughing over your seat since back then I looked like this:

I'm the nerd at the bottom left. I'm not sure but I think we were supposed to do cool poses that time.

I've totally been trying to erase that image since but I fear I am still more on the dorky side. Some things just never change. Well, if you don't have it, FAKE it. Because I'm tall, people think I can do ball sports... I can't! Hahhaha, hopeless at it, I only like water sports. Some iddy called me rough once which I took quite personally but now I think it's because of my refusal to let guys do anything I can do myself. My mum taught me that sometimes the only person you can depend on to get things done is yourself. So suck it, male chauvinist pricks of the world.

In uni, I used to look forward to weekends when lectures were still on, with all my friends around, we'd go walking around town scavenging for food, usually Chinese food, McDonald's or Japanese food (we're regulars!). Now weekends are a complete bore. Can't wait for July, then I can see Sara, Chyna and me mum in KL!!! (Delighted at the possibility of shopping) And I know Sara really only wants to see me to watch the rest of Prosecutor Princess. Sisters. :)

P.S. I've decided not to blog about my temporary stint as a research a rule. I'm just glad I'm spending my time left before graduation constructively. :)

This is what happens when deluded children blur the lines between work and personal matters:


P.P.S. I only updated this blog because a friend nagged that I haven't updated for awhile. And you know, he's right. I was gonna write this post yesterday but I procrastinated. Heh.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Korean Wave Contest Malaysia 2010

I wasn't there at KL Live last Saturday but I sure wish I was!!! (So I can be one of the girls screaming when Ruffneckz burst into the saucy Abracadabra hip-sway move.) I told my sister in KL to go but nooooo, she's busy with an eco-camp in the jungle somewhere... K-popped! has been promoting this event for some time now, since before the auditions and it's probably going to be a yearly thing due to favorable response (it's organized by the Korean Tourism Organization. Yes. Of the Sparkling Korea ads).

Anyway, I watched a few of the videos of the finals and these two are by far my favorite!!

RUFFNECKZ - My fave part is the short Abracadabra stint and I love their onstage energy!! Not to mention the G-dragon clone!! XD

PROGRESSION - performed 2PM's Heartbeat (flawlessly!) and DBSK's Rising Sun (I don't know the 1st song...)

Credit: chechoki

Progression took home first prize whereas Ruffneckz went home empty-handed even though they really knew how to stir up a crowd. I liked their moves, reminded me a lot of krumping (Monster Woo Fam rules at krump!!). Girl group, Epsilon (representative from SHINEE's Malaysian fanclub) took home 2nd prize while R&B duo, Chromed L (2PM Hottest representative) was 2nd runner-up.

That's all I have for today, I'm crazy sleepy and my hair takes about two hours to dry before I can finally get a few winks...

WEATHER REPORT: After a scorching couple of weeks, the weather in Terengganu has finally conceded to Miss Vanessa's demands through FB/Twitter/Blogger and relented enough to pour heavily throughout the day. The sorry-looking aloe vera plant will now live another day.

And that was Vanessa, giving you another reason to call her a dweeb, wishing you all good night.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Teensy Glance at Biodiesel

Might be heading down to Universiti Malaysia Pahang this week for a day for a biodiesel seminar!!! I am trying to be positive about this, it can't be as dreary as it sounds right?? More importantly, it gives me something to do and learning is never a bad thing! Plus, it gets really boring when all your buddies have gone back for the hols....

Now what do I know about biodiesel?

Briefly, biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil or animal fat-based diesel fuel consisting of long-chain alkyl (methyl, propyl or ethyl) esters. Biodiesel is typically made by chemically reacting lipids (e.g., vegetable oil, animal fat) with an alcohol.

Wikipedia (haha!) also tells me that biodiesel is meant to be used in standard diesel engines and is thus distinct from the vegetable and waste oils used to fuel converted diesel engines. Biodiesel can be used alone, or blended with petrodiesel.

Biodiesel can be categorized in this manner:

* 100% biodiesel is referred to as B100
* 20% biodiesel is labeled B20
* 5% biodiesel is labeled B5
* 2% biodiesel is labeled B2

Apparently, the higher the % of biodiesel, the more eco-friendly the fuel is.

This article says that biodiesel can release up to four times more energy than petrol and diesel, adding that it is also more eco-friendly, and emits less carbon monoxide.

However, UN experts seem to think, lo and behold, that it's a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY to make biodiesel out of food crops which could escalate the problem of food shortages all over the world. They point out that someday science can make it possible to make biodiesel out of agricultural waste.

In plain English, biodiesel is the more eco-friendly alternative to regular ol' diesel. It has its pros and cons and I expect I'll learn more on this later... The only thing I'm wondering is, what is the price comparison to go 'green' and whether it is commercially available everywhere in Malaysia.

P/S: I had a hilarious run-in with Dr Razak when I went out for supper tonight!!! Nobody was more embarrassed than my friend though who had to deal with his snarky comments... Hahahhahahaha!! XD

Okay, back to work... I should totally stop being so easily distracted so I can sleep earlier because God knows, I need it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Of Dead Cows and Flourbombs

Was sifting through my old e-mails at work today when I came upon across a few forwarded cheesy jokes from cheesy friends. One of them certainly brought a smile to my face!! :D

The Dead Cow and Vet School

First-year students at the University of Saskatchewan Vet school were receiving their first anatomy class, with a real dead cow. They all gathered around the surgery table with the body covered with a white sheet. The professor started the class by telling them, 'In Veterinary Medicine it is necessary to have two important qualities as a doctor: The first is that you not be disgusted by anything involving the animal body.'

For an example, the Professor pulled back the sheet, stuck his finger in the butt of the dead cow, withdrew it and stuck his finger in his mouth. 'Go ahead and do the same thing,' he told his students. The students freaked out, hesitated for several minutes, but eventually took turns sticking a finger in the anal opening of the dead cow and sucking on it. One by one they started to vomit.

When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them and said, 'The second most important quality is observation. I stuck in my middle finger and sucked on my index finger.' 'Now learn to pay attention. Life's tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid.'


Had a splendid barbeque yesterday with my coursemates at the beach! I hardly spend time together with them when they organize activities, part of the downside of not owning my own transport, but it was fun even though it was planned the day before and we were all informed at midnight last night. I don't know WHY it is deemed necessary to make snowmen out of people when it's their birthday? (BTW Happy birthday to our mutual friend, Bussarin! She's a Thai exchange student...) Have we not grown out of it? (Still miffed at the fact I had to get chased around by madmen armed with flourbombs. FML.)

I brought a camera but I didn't feel like taking pics. It was boiling and this kind of weather kills the mood for any kind of activity, even blogging. Plus I can't take the heat very well... (I sweat like kehrazee!!)

NOTE TO THE WEATHER: If you don't start pouring skyjuice from the heavens anytime soon, I'm gonna give you a piece of my mind!! *shakes fist at empty sky*

My aloe vera plant is in a sore state these days. Screw it. :-(

P/S: I'm still very addicted to Monday Kiz's song Goodbye My Princess. &hearts it!!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Fawning over Prosecutor Princess!!!

Lately, the K-drama Prosecutor Princess has had me spazzing to distraction every week. The angst has started to kick in (finally!) midway into the series in Episode 9 and Ma Hye Ri only has her moment of epiphany in episode 12, where she finds out the whole truth (what we know of anyway) and that the whole world (metaphor for In Woo *squeal*) does not revolve around Ma Hye Ri anymore. I've been really enjoying this series, the quality has been amazing (I would expect no less from the director-writer team of Shining Inheritance.) In fact, I am vastly annoyed that it's not getting the ratings it deserves but I know the Wednesday-Thursday slot is tough.

I'm just going to pepper a slew of pretty pictures from the series in this post coz I'm lame like that. I might do another one of my drama reviews for this once I'm done with the series (haven't done of those in awhile). Only four more episodes to go! Secretly, I'm hoping they'll extend the series. Fat chance of that. I've gotten so fond of the lead actor (Park Shi Hoo!!) that I'm actually watching this 50-episode K-drama called Glory of Family [2008]. It's nowhere near as absorbing as PP yet, but it feeds the addiction. :D

From the ELLE coverage of the production set

Main couple, I think... If they don't end up together, I'm gonna bury this show out of my mind!

Park Shi Hoo as Lawyer Seo In Woo
Vanessa's latest celebrity crush! - Somewhere in my hometown, my sisters are laughing their arses off.

Screen captures from the 2nd opening (Goodbye My Princess theme):

Han Jung Soo as Prosecutor Yoon Se Jun

Choi Song Hyun as Prosecutor Jin


I know I should totally be printing out my thesis now, but it's so easy to get side-tracked with my TV shows. (Currently watching Glee, Flashforward, Gossip Girl, Chuck and Vampire Diaries. I'm really behind with Chuck though.) Since I'm not studying anymore and I only start work on Tuesday, I'm gonna sprout roots for a couple of days.

With my usual gang of friends ALL out of town doing their internships or on holiday, me thinks I have to look for a new gang to hang out with during the holidays. THANKS A LOT PEOPLE. Lol. Sad, but refreshing in that I get to exercise my rusty social skills. *laughs like the socially-retarded person I am*

And don't forget to wish your mothers for Mother's Day tomorrow!!! I think mine will be expecting a call or something and she'll probably read this because I know she stalks my blog. Hi mom. :)

Pic credit:
Soompiers and ELLE Korea

Just added: My fan video for Prosecutor Princess coz I'm lame like that. :D
SBSi is a truly cruel organization... Uploaded it twice, both times it got shot down. I shake my fist at you!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May Quickie: FYP Presentations

A bit early in the month to be doing one of these, but here goes.
I just finished my Final Year Project presentation which kinda felt like cold water being doused on me. Whoever said presentations are fun have got to be kidding me. Not funny.
(Being the emcee was awesomeness though!)

Seeing my ex-colleagues (internship in PPPL) in UMT was a really pleasant surprise today!! Although it was kind of not a good time for me as I had to present today. (Argh. The timing!!! Travesty against humanity!!) Only got to see them for about half an hour before I scooted off back to take up emcee duties. Tomorrow they're going off to a different state... Would have liked to catch up more. So many familiar faces! :-)

Next up: thesis correction and binding!! *gulp*

(But I guess it's safe to say that the worst is over. Hurrah! :D)

P/S: If you're wondering why I like to post pictures up in every post, I'm one of the believers of the saying that pictures paint a thousand words. :)

Side note: Excuse my 'meh' photography skillz. Skillz? What skillz? @@