Friday, May 28, 2010

Cartoons from the 90s!!

I can't really remember everything I used to watch in primary school, I just knew I really liked reading Nancy Drew books, Harry Potter, the Narnia chronicles, etc. Books were my world back then, when real life felt like the pits and the places in books seemed like a hell of a better place. I was an extremely awkward and shy child. I may still suffer the after-effects of my tormented childhood, which explains A LOT.

Anyway, I watched loads of Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo , Cow and Chicken (*_*), I Am Weasel (I R Baboon! and the Pantless Devil), Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Mummies Alive, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Recess, Hey Arnold (Helga Pataki-that unforgettable unibrow), Sonic the Hedgehog and other random stuff back then. The 90s was a great decade to be a kid. :-)

Recognize any of these lines?
1) Move it, football head!!
2) "...blows his experiments, to smithereens..." (lyrics)
3) "...Dad was proud, he didn't know how." (lyrics)
4) Police! There's a handsome man in my mirror! Wait, it's just me.
5) *mumbles and whines urgently at the latest dastardly weird thing approaching*
That's all I got for ya. My memory fails meeee...

Recently, I was reminded of the cartoon As Told By Ginger. I never forgot the lyrics and listening to it now, the lyrics seem to shine a different light now that I'm more 'mature'. (I AM AN OLD RAMBLING CRONE.)

Back then, it was all about being stuck between adolescence and adulthood. The younger me would interpret this song as, "We all want to GROW UP quickly! But we should be happy being a kid. Coz we rock." Now, I see that it applies no matter how old you are, people may say wonderful things about things we haven't done, places we haven't been, but it all boils down to whether you feel happy and content wherever you are.

I tend to over-analyze things too much (a habit instilled by my English Literature teacher in high school. I miss uuu, Puan Alia!)

Back to present day, where my youngest sister is completely uninterested or may not even recognize the cartoons I used to watch! These days, Hannah Montana *wince*, Danny Phantom and Ben 10 reign supremacy.

But then again she's more of an otaku really. Don't get me started on the anime I used to watch. Saiyuki all the way, baby! That stuff to me is LEGEND-NEVER-TO-BE-TOPPED. Everrr.

*goes back to doing nerdy things*

P/S: Course I watched Asian stuff too like Doraemon and Akazukin Cha Cha (major lolz!). Oh, but never did I stoop to this.

KELUANG MAN: Ambik kau, Lat Kampung Boy!

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Pedro Henrique Macarini Radigonda said...

you rescued my past. Did a tear of joy flow. Good old days. Thanks!