Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chuck Renewed for 4th Season!

Once more, Chuck has defied expectations as NBC has given the green light for a fourth season. Woot! I know I've posted this on Twitter already but another article doesn't hurt. In fact, this year, the network was even more optimistic in renewing Chuck for another season given its pretty solid fan base and the Save Chuck campaigns that roar into action every time a season comes to an end.

I'm only midway into the 3rd season, I've been distracted by Vampire Diaries, Flashforward and Glee as well as my other drama priorities. Chuck has always been rather consistent in the entertainment department, I would never ever drop it! :)

Joshua Gomez thinks that if you want to save Chuck, you gotta...


silveraven said...

lol where's the like button here?! CHUCK FTW! i haven't been watching it lately either, preoccupied with The Mentalist but i'll NEVARdropit. :p

oh, i stopped before kristin kreuk cos i support SARAH WALKER!!! didn't wanna heartpain watching chuck with another girl. apalah~

varms said...

I stopped a little past that ep... Ooh, the mentalist... Is that really good?

silveraven said...

the mentalist? i liked it since i watched it on the plane back from germany, lol. a lot of mind tricks that made it different from most csi-ish dramas.

oh, and i'm rooting for jane-lisbon!!!