Saturday, May 08, 2010

Fawning over Prosecutor Princess!!!

Lately, the K-drama Prosecutor Princess has had me spazzing to distraction every week. The angst has started to kick in (finally!) midway into the series in Episode 9 and Ma Hye Ri only has her moment of epiphany in episode 12, where she finds out the whole truth (what we know of anyway) and that the whole world (metaphor for In Woo *squeal*) does not revolve around Ma Hye Ri anymore. I've been really enjoying this series, the quality has been amazing (I would expect no less from the director-writer team of Shining Inheritance.) In fact, I am vastly annoyed that it's not getting the ratings it deserves but I know the Wednesday-Thursday slot is tough.

I'm just going to pepper a slew of pretty pictures from the series in this post coz I'm lame like that. I might do another one of my drama reviews for this once I'm done with the series (haven't done of those in awhile). Only four more episodes to go! Secretly, I'm hoping they'll extend the series. Fat chance of that. I've gotten so fond of the lead actor (Park Shi Hoo!!) that I'm actually watching this 50-episode K-drama called Glory of Family [2008]. It's nowhere near as absorbing as PP yet, but it feeds the addiction. :D

From the ELLE coverage of the production set

Main couple, I think... If they don't end up together, I'm gonna bury this show out of my mind!

Park Shi Hoo as Lawyer Seo In Woo
Vanessa's latest celebrity crush! - Somewhere in my hometown, my sisters are laughing their arses off.

Screen captures from the 2nd opening (Goodbye My Princess theme):

Han Jung Soo as Prosecutor Yoon Se Jun

Choi Song Hyun as Prosecutor Jin


I know I should totally be printing out my thesis now, but it's so easy to get side-tracked with my TV shows. (Currently watching Glee, Flashforward, Gossip Girl, Chuck and Vampire Diaries. I'm really behind with Chuck though.) Since I'm not studying anymore and I only start work on Tuesday, I'm gonna sprout roots for a couple of days.

With my usual gang of friends ALL out of town doing their internships or on holiday, me thinks I have to look for a new gang to hang out with during the holidays. THANKS A LOT PEOPLE. Lol. Sad, but refreshing in that I get to exercise my rusty social skills. *laughs like the socially-retarded person I am*

And don't forget to wish your mothers for Mother's Day tomorrow!!! I think mine will be expecting a call or something and she'll probably read this because I know she stalks my blog. Hi mom. :)

Pic credit:
Soompiers and ELLE Korea

Just added: My fan video for Prosecutor Princess coz I'm lame like that. :D
SBSi is a truly cruel organization... Uploaded it twice, both times it got shot down. I shake my fist at you!!

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