Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GLEE's Jesse St. James!!

As most Gleeks already know, Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) is Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) latest man candy on the show in its second season. He ever so charmingly slipped in with Lionel Richie's Hello, which I thought was quite a smarmy entrance but little by little as the episodes wore on, I realized that daaaammnn, he's got a cute smile! Imma total sucker for smiles. Of course, one gets the feeling that Rachel's One True Love has to be Finn (Cory Monteith), right?

Groff, like many others on Glee, is a Broadway actor who previously starred in Spring Awakening (which looks a little R-rated to me, from 2006-2008) opposite Lea, and they became fast friends until now. In fact, Jonathan was the one who introduced Lea to the man behind Glee, Ryan Murphy, before production on the series began.

Added to that are reports of Jonathan Groff being slated for only 5-6 episodes and Jane Lynch has divulged that he will be performing in the rival team, Vocal Adrenaline in the final episode. I know no girl has a chance in the world anyway since the real Jonathan is gaaayyy.... *hearts everywhere breaking into a million pieces* His best friend, Lea Michele's Jewish dad has even offered him (jokingly I expect) a house to marry her to no avail.

Never mind, I'm pretty sure these other guys from Glee are straight (aside from Kurt that is)... Heeee~

Mark Salling (Sweeet Caroline...), Harry Schum Jr. (the dancing machine!), Kevin McHale (adorable) and Cory Monteith

Pssst! Rumour has it that Jonathan Groff's boyfriend is fellow Broadway actor Gavin Creel.

BRB dyyiinnggg


eva said...

Matthew Morrison...may be gay too

varms said...

You make me sad.

Curse you, Ryan Murphy. For casting unattainable men.