Monday, May 17, 2010

Korean Wave Contest Malaysia 2010

I wasn't there at KL Live last Saturday but I sure wish I was!!! (So I can be one of the girls screaming when Ruffneckz burst into the saucy Abracadabra hip-sway move.) I told my sister in KL to go but nooooo, she's busy with an eco-camp in the jungle somewhere... K-popped! has been promoting this event for some time now, since before the auditions and it's probably going to be a yearly thing due to favorable response (it's organized by the Korean Tourism Organization. Yes. Of the Sparkling Korea ads).

Anyway, I watched a few of the videos of the finals and these two are by far my favorite!!

RUFFNECKZ - My fave part is the short Abracadabra stint and I love their onstage energy!! Not to mention the G-dragon clone!! XD

PROGRESSION - performed 2PM's Heartbeat (flawlessly!) and DBSK's Rising Sun (I don't know the 1st song...)

Credit: chechoki

Progression took home first prize whereas Ruffneckz went home empty-handed even though they really knew how to stir up a crowd. I liked their moves, reminded me a lot of krumping (Monster Woo Fam rules at krump!!). Girl group, Epsilon (representative from SHINEE's Malaysian fanclub) took home 2nd prize while R&B duo, Chromed L (2PM Hottest representative) was 2nd runner-up.

That's all I have for today, I'm crazy sleepy and my hair takes about two hours to dry before I can finally get a few winks...

WEATHER REPORT: After a scorching couple of weeks, the weather in Terengganu has finally conceded to Miss Vanessa's demands through FB/Twitter/Blogger and relented enough to pour heavily throughout the day. The sorry-looking aloe vera plant will now live another day.

And that was Vanessa, giving you another reason to call her a dweeb, wishing you all good night.


Air said...

Babe, I terpaksa delete comment u coz ada nama I tertulis- I guna nick Air spy identity tersembunyi :)..Yup my FB ody deactivate due to some security reason..Bahaya la FB skrg..

varms said...

Oh, sorry!! Diorang Fendi, Herman tertanya-tanya mana peginya lyana di FB... Nak buat reunion lps kami semua balik KK, haha...

Air said...

hehehe its ok..ya ka? apa hal update la thru sms or di chat box blog sy..jemput la diorg p blog :p hahahaha