Monday, May 31, 2010

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan

Here's my 1st cousin, Dymphna Emma Yong, who joined the Unduk Ngadau this year!! *so proud* And her sister, Aimee (future Unduk Ngadau contestant)..

FYI for noobs: Unduk Ngadau is a yearly pageant for Kadazan beauties (it's a Sabahan thing). Each district is represented by one gal. The best sumandak wins!

Here I pay homage to my Kadazandusun roots and wish everyone a Happy Kaamatan with much joy, drinking, gambling, karaoke-ing and catching up with relatives! =) To me, Kaamatan means heading down to Tambunan to celebrate with my maternal relatives, the Yongs of Tambunan. Sino-kadazans (Chinese-Kadazan) to be exact, my mum says we're descended from some random Chinese tribe in mainland China, with whom we've only recently managed to regain contact with.

May everyone and their families be blessed with a bountiful rice harvest and never go hungry for generations to come. :-)

Being stuck in a state where they don't even understand what moginum or aramaitii means (to quote my high school senior), sucks. Wtf, it's just another holiday.

P/S: Don't drink and drive. Kekekeke....

Pic credit: Uploaded by someone called Alvernia on FB (muahahahhah...)


eva said...

its like the kumang gawai we have in sarawak...good times.

varms said...

Eva, you have a blog!!!! And you put kitties in it!! KITTIES! How very like you. :DDD