Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scribbles From An Almost-hermit

Not that kind of hermit, fooool!!

To end the wonderful month of May, which has been rather uneventful compared to April (April was awesome), comes this last post here. I'm hoping June will be more interesting! Nothing seems blog-worthy these days or inspiring in any way. Maybe it's because I'm still new at this being independent thing and I'm rapidly turning into a reclusive hermit who grunts at people who call out of the blue.

Hopefully, that will all change next month. I must make the effort to change and for this I need to summon all my positive energy and channel it into job applications. Haha.

Sitting on a chair from 9-5 is making me flabby. I need to get some exercise, flab on a slim person looks unsightly. Time for some movin'! (Only my sisters will understand the hilarity of this statement.)

Anyway, Mika's We Are Golden has just replaced Lee Hyori's How Did We Get (ft. Dae Sung) as my fave ringtone! I like its early shock factor and perky sounding tune (for lack of better words). &hearts Mika! I also love that he penned the song Gave It All Away by Boyzone earlier this year, which was overshadowed by Stephen Gately's untimely demise.

My housemate likes to call all the music I listen to, gay. Cobra Starship - half-gay. Mika - gay. Katy Perry - gay. Owl City - gay. +_+

I don't give a fig in hell because all the music this person likes to listen to are "getting jiggy with it" songs, with chicks dancing in a club/beach/cruiseship, whatever. And praise and worship songs. Not that I think they're bad, but most of them are...repetitive? And sound the same.

My own father has joined the legion of people who think I look like Giuliana Rancic. He says we even act the same way!! Whhuttt??? So if he misses his big girl, all he has to do is switch to E! News. The funniest thing I've ever heard. Why?

Number 1: She has an orange tan.
Number 2: She is super skinny and super toned.
Number 3: Personality-wise, I'm not nearly as bold as her.
Number 4: I did not surgically enhance my breasts.
Number 5: I do not have a hot husband named Bill.

TTFN! Because I am only 6.


Anonymous said...

Hey Van,

You'll probably kill me for this but now that you mentioned it, I would agree with your dad. You DO look like Guiliana Rancic!!! LOL. You look different now from what I remember of you agessss ago. Time flies.


varms said...

Hahahah, lol, Teresa!!! I do?? I don't know if the fact that I look different is a good or bad thing... Take care wherever you are... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do look like her, minus the hair colour. Haha...

It's a good thing. You've changed so much in the past few years. Looking prettier these days! ;)

You take care too! =)