Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekends Just Ain't the Same

As much as I dislike Audrina Patridge and anything to do with The Hills (don't get me started on Speidi and LC), I do envy Audrina Patridge's gorgeous dark tresses.

I'm thinking of dying my hair brown this time, usually I dye it dark auburn, which usually goes orange after a few months. Anyway, I'm going to say to hell with the humid weather, I refuse to have short hair unless I have a gazillion kids yanking the ends of my hair or I live in a world where women decide to wear the pants and not men. (Actually I don't mind but it takes aaaages to grow back again...)

Which brings me to people's assumption that I'm an active girl who loves a challenge. In high school, you'd probably be laughing over your seat since back then I looked like this:

I'm the nerd at the bottom left. I'm not sure but I think we were supposed to do cool poses that time.

I've totally been trying to erase that image since but I fear I am still more on the dorky side. Some things just never change. Well, if you don't have it, FAKE it. Because I'm tall, people think I can do ball sports... I can't! Hahhaha, hopeless at it, I only like water sports. Some iddy called me rough once which I took quite personally but now I think it's because of my refusal to let guys do anything I can do myself. My mum taught me that sometimes the only person you can depend on to get things done is yourself. So suck it, male chauvinist pricks of the world.

In uni, I used to look forward to weekends when lectures were still on, with all my friends around, we'd go walking around town scavenging for food, usually Chinese food, McDonald's or Japanese food (we're regulars!). Now weekends are a complete bore. Can't wait for July, then I can see Sara, Chyna and me mum in KL!!! (Delighted at the possibility of shopping) And I know Sara really only wants to see me to watch the rest of Prosecutor Princess. Sisters. :)

P.S. I've decided not to blog about my temporary stint as a research a rule. I'm just glad I'm spending my time left before graduation constructively. :)

This is what happens when deluded children blur the lines between work and personal matters:


P.P.S. I only updated this blog because a friend nagged that I haven't updated for awhile. And you know, he's right. I was gonna write this post yesterday but I procrastinated. Heh.

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