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ShakespeaRe-Told (2005)

The British definitely have this wonderful way with words. Their warped opinions and ridiculous comments are told with an absolutely straight face, like they're talking about something completely serious but it's all hogwash. I guess that's why it's called British humor. I never truly realized how amusing it can be until I watched The Importance Of Being Earnest which is truly rib-cracking (stars Colin Firth and Rupert Everett)!

Anyway about BBC's ShakespeaRe-Told, I think it's really good! Basically, it's the modern re-telling of four plays allocated to the present day, which are Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer's Night Dream and Macbeth. I can see the difficulty in adapting these stories to present life but they did it so artfully and slipped in lines from the play here and there. However, sometimes the original ending is tweaked a bit to fit our modern way of thinking.

The Taming of the Shrew was hilarious! Moaning Myrtle f…

The World Has Its Shine...

There's been a lot of sad news lately in the newspapers. People losing their minds, siblings who don't get along, seriously dysfunctional families and other maladies in our struggling and sometimes admittedly strange, society. Stories that make feel so lucky and thankful for all the blessings I have.

The movie Shutter Island gave a really strong message about how a person shouldn't ignore their close ones who start showing symptoms of mental instability. These people need help. Like the news about Johnny Dusok in The Star this morning. Who murdered his roommate and slashed his stomach, then stood on a high-rise building, bleeding, asking police to shoot him. He jumped.

I think we should take a small moment everyday to count our blessings even if a small few may have everything you thought would ever make you happy but really, they might not be happy at all. You might be happy as you are and not even know it. :)

I don't know why Asian families tend to be so close-knit but …

The Southern Vampires are back for Season 3

True Blood Season 3 is back on, raunchier than ever -- beginning with Bill's disappearance and the shooting of Eggs from last season. The town is currently struggling to get over the OTT craziness that was Season 2. A reminder that this show is absolutely NOT FOR KIDS.

Why am I drawn to this HBO show? Heaven only knows. Because if there is a TV show where the sh!t can hit the fan at any given moment, it's True Blood. On the other hand, I love Vampire Diaries for the teen drama, it's like One Tree Hill with fangs. Remembering how out-of-control the last season of TB was, I wonder how unhinged this season will be. Bring it on I say! ^^

I have a horrible foreboding for the direction they're going with the character Sam Merlotte (the shape-shifter, I used to like this character a lot). *SPOILER* Are they seriously gonna turn him gay after 2 seasons? Is it compulsory to introduce a gay character in every American TV show? =_= *END OF SPOILER*

Two faces I was actually glad to s…

My One Week in KL: Buys & Finds

Hey hey! Just back from KL... I'm sort of relieved to be able to resume my online life (geek alert!) even though I'd love to shop and browse some more in KL... Cotton On seems to be the 'in' store in KL now to students or people with a limited budget. I didn't know this Australian brand was so cheap but it is. Cheaper than Giordano and about the same price as PDI. Everything there seems to be made for warmer climes and caters to Australia's current fashion trends - lotsa tights and high-waisted skirts. Bought some things here and Isetan.

Topshop and Zara were equally lovely too with the prices to match. I need these places to be on sale before I will even consider buying anything from there. I also couldn't pass by Etude House without buying something from there (Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk used to endorse this brand!). Heard a lot of good reviews about their BB cream but I doubt it would fit my skin tone. So I made do with this!!!

Nail polish.Lol.
Met up …

Football Fevah (is catching...)

I must be hanging out with the wrong people here. WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE I KNOW HERE APPEARS TO GIVE A S*** ABOUT FOOTBALL? Or maybe it's unusual that I'm actually taking an interest in the World Cup this year? It only comes every four years and this is usually when I'll join my dad watching football and betting on whatever team he's not betting on, bwahahhahaha... This year, I'm inspired by the amount of support coming from South Korean citizens that I've decided to support South Korea!!! (Though I definitely do not like Super Junior's World Cup song much...)

I catch all the games with Asians in it (LOL), my friend thinks I think like a communist in the days of Japan's takeover of Asia. Hmph. Anyway, it's largely because I enjoy and respect their culture so much. I even supported North Korea last night with Brazil, they looked so military-ish and their coach was so round and kept pointing here and there (like Shinchan!) but that was before I laid eye…

Why I Love Twitter

1. You can post all sorts of things that your parents, siblings, colleagues, lecturers, boss, distant relatives and friends can't see unless they follow you on Twitter or stalk you on a regular basis.

2. You don't have to crank up your brain for ideas to write a long post on your blog because there's a 140 characters limit.

3. You can follow really cool famous people and have a glimpse at what an ordinary day is like for them. My favorite Malaysians on Twitter are Khairy Jamaluddin (incredible sense of humor!), Andy from Estranged (whom I follow based on purely superficial reasons, hee hee), Marion Caunter, Daphne Iking, Jason Lo, Henry Golding (for much the same reasons as Andy), the beautiful Jojo Struys and many others. I suppose a lot more famous Malaysians have Twitter but I don't bother to follow them... Take your pick.

4. You can keep up with the latest scoop or the latest goss on your favorite TV shows!!! By following their main cast on Twitter. For Glee, loads of…

Stuck in Rut

I'm going crazy out of my mind with boredom here. If anyone happens to be trolling around in Kuala Terengganu in the midst of the uni holiday season, you're welcome to dig me out of my hobbit hole. I find myself rapidly becoming a taxi service here, lol. I don't really mind. I only charge food. Any takers? :P

Just the other day when I was chatting with a friend who's also living alone here and he was going crazy too, singing to himself, washing clothes and skulking around online. It's like the life of a lotus-eater (READ: Lazy person devoted to pleasure and luxury) and it's not the kind of life I want for myself. I'm patiently waiting for humanity to slink back in my life again once the semester starts.

Work has been slow this month and I'll be free by the 15th! Looking forward to that and seeing everyone in KL. Though I'll be lugging a lot of baggage because I've been ordered to pass some things to my little sis who'll be starting her first s…

I Knew I Loved Katy Perry For A Reason

I want her shoes.
It's moments like these where I knew they had to be a reason why I liked Katy's songs so much. Love her electric blue hair! (Not even once in a blue moon will I ever try that out. Pun intended.) I can't decide whether I like this or the LED light-up dress she wore back in May better.

Maybe one day if I'm ever in the grips of a dastardly evil villain (in a surreal alternate universe), either Katy Perry or the Wonder Girls will swoop in to save me. Although Hit Girl pawns them all any day.

So, you wanna play?

You have to see her in action in Kick Ass if you haven't already!

Chick vs. Dick

June already!! Graduation just around the corner! :-)

If you think this is gonna be some smarmy post about the never-ending amount of differences between the sexes, you might be disappointed.

Chick vs. Dick simply put, is a Singaporean online TV show (since 2008) starring Paul Twohill and Kay Kay. My sis told me to watch it, apparently my family thinks they're funny. And they are!!! Vaguely. In a very Singaporean way, not very unlike Malaysians, 'cept we don't swear or flash that much skin on TV, lol. (Not that I'm against it, kekeke... It makes TV a hecka more interesting.)

I only watched the episodes about flowriding (Wave House Sentosa looks like fun!!!), frog challenge, accents and the dating challenge, all of which were very amusing. If you're looking for some quick, closer-to-home entertainment, catch these two sparring at aside from many other shows! Not a fan of Xia Xue's show though.

P/S: I found the Persuasion episode to be particularl…