Friday, June 04, 2010

Chick vs. Dick

June already!! Graduation just around the corner! :-)

If you think this is gonna be some smarmy post about the never-ending amount of differences between the sexes, you might be disappointed.

Chick vs. Dick simply put, is a Singaporean online TV show (since 2008) starring Paul Twohill and Kay Kay. My sis told me to watch it, apparently my family thinks they're funny. And they are!!! Vaguely. In a very Singaporean way, not very unlike Malaysians, 'cept we don't swear or flash that much skin on TV, lol. (Not that I'm against it, kekeke... It makes TV a hecka more interesting.)

I only watched the episodes about flowriding (Wave House Sentosa looks like fun!!!), frog challenge, accents and the dating challenge, all of which were very amusing. If you're looking for some quick, closer-to-home entertainment, catch these two sparring at aside from many other shows! Not a fan of Xia Xue's show though.

P/S: I found the Persuasion episode to be particularly funny!!!

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