Friday, June 25, 2010

My One Week in KL: Buys & Finds

Hey hey! Just back from KL... I'm sort of relieved to be able to resume my online life (geek alert!) even though I'd love to shop and browse some more in KL... Cotton On seems to be the 'in' store in KL now to students or people with a limited budget. I didn't know this Australian brand was so cheap but it is. Cheaper than Giordano and about the same price as PDI. Everything there seems to be made for warmer climes and caters to Australia's current fashion trends - lotsa tights and high-waisted skirts. Bought some things here and Isetan.

Topshop and Zara were equally lovely too with the prices to match. I need these places to be on sale before I will even consider buying anything from there. I also couldn't pass by Etude House without buying something from there (Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk used to endorse this brand!). Heard a lot of good reviews about their BB cream but I doubt it would fit my skin tone. So I made do with this!!!

Nail polish.Lol.

Met up with my good friend Vivian in KL too and had lunch at Pasta Zanmai in MidValley (not halal sadly) but I loved their fusion food! (Though the unagi pizza was quite a stretch even for me). Sweet!

I also finally found a copy of Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South at Borders Bookstore! At last!! *happiness* If any of you have read my past review of the BBC miniseries North and South here, you'd understand my joy. &hearts Reading e-books just ain't the same as holding genuine bound pages in your hand, tucked up in your favourite cosy reading corner.

The moment I reached KT, I got fleeced by the teksi sapu man at the MPKT bus station. RM25? Are you effin' kidding me? Then I knocked out for 6 hours at my house (hate buses, can hardly sleep in 'em) and my rumbling tummy led me to Giant, where I got mildly sidetracked at the DVD store and walked away with these...

Crows Zero 1+2 (Modern classics!) and Tokyo Sonata! (I bought the latter because Yankee-kun to Megane-chan's Chiba stars in it. Real name: Koyanagi Yu) These are the latest additions to my K-movie and J-movie stash. Ah, Vanessa, will you ever outgrow these? I still prefer buying CDs and DVDs to downloading (but I still do) in case my hard drive goes KAPOOF like last time.

My back was giving me hell in KL for some unknown reason. I HAVE AGED.

Till later days!

P.S. Brazil vs. Portugal tonight!!! Might have to resort to staring at the orange gigolo tonight since Kaka got red-carded.

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