Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Southern Vampires are back for Season 3

True Blood Season 3 is back on, raunchier than ever -- beginning with Bill's disappearance and the shooting of Eggs from last season. The town is currently struggling to get over the OTT craziness that was Season 2. A reminder that this show is absolutely NOT FOR KIDS.

Why am I drawn to this HBO show? Heaven only knows. Because if there is a TV show where the sh!t can hit the fan at any given moment, it's True Blood. On the other hand, I love Vampire Diaries for the teen drama, it's like One Tree Hill with fangs. Remembering how out-of-control the last season of TB was, I wonder how unhinged this season will be. Bring it on I say! ^^

I have a horrible foreboding for the direction they're going with the character Sam Merlotte (the shape-shifter, I used to like this character a lot). *SPOILER* Are they seriously gonna turn him gay after 2 seasons? Is it compulsory to introduce a gay character in every American TV show? =_= *END OF SPOILER*

Two faces I was actually glad to see was Alexander SkarsgÄrd as Eric Northman and the ruthless Queen of Lousiana, Sophie Ann (Evan Rachel Wood)! Anyway, I'll probably be following this show when I have time in between work and drama-watching. The incredible one-liners just can't be missed! XD


P.S. In all likelihood, a condensed version of this season will start airing on HBO Asia soon.

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