Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stuck in Rut

I'm going crazy out of my mind with boredom here. If anyone happens to be trolling around in Kuala Terengganu in the midst of the uni holiday season, you're welcome to dig me out of my hobbit hole. I find myself rapidly becoming a taxi service here, lol. I don't really mind. I only charge food. Any takers? :P

Just the other day when I was chatting with a friend who's also living alone here and he was going crazy too, singing to himself, washing clothes and skulking around online. It's like the life of a lotus-eater (READ: Lazy person devoted to pleasure and luxury) and it's not the kind of life I want for myself. I'm patiently waiting for humanity to slink back in my life again once the semester starts.

Work has been slow this month and I'll be free by the 15th! Looking forward to that and seeing everyone in KL. Though I'll be lugging a lot of baggage because I've been ordered to pass some things to my little sis who'll be starting her first semester of diploma in KL soon. Gosh, I wanna stick with them there too. But I'll be going home first because I miss my doggies. And old friends. And oh alright, my family too.

I'm currently watching this jdorama called Sunao ni Narenakute. It strikes a chord with me despite being snooze-worthy in the first episode. It's about a group of people who know each other through Twitter and who become sort of a life support for each other in their hardships. All of them are pained lonely souls in different ways and I like how they're there for each other despite only knowing each other through Twitter. There's also shades of Densha Otoko here (sometimes I feel like my online life is threatening to take over my entire life, especially now). Please don't be another Last Friends. ^^

Cast: Eita (Last Friends), Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile), Tamayama Tetsuji (first I've heard of him but HAWT), Seki Megumi and Hero Jaejoong (W00T! Coz I used to be a DBSK fangirl).

I amaze myself sometimes with how I manage to insert drama-related news in supposedly normal posts. Maybe my normal posts are all drama-related. *guilty laugh*


Anonymous said...

wow! two posts within 20 minutes! nice~ heheh.. btw, you shouldn't be so lonely right now since all the bio M students are back in umt.. Have fun while they're still there..=p Esok pagi saya pergi interview di uitm shah alam tu.. Wish me luck, mate~ ;) kinda missing ur blurriness.. haha.. Chiow~

-scuba buddy-

varms said...

You dunno who I am ka? Terer beyond belief. :P

Good luck in your interview!!! I heard they're all back but my roommate is still in Japan though... Not everyone I think. LI presentations was yesterday but I was too lazy to go... Dah lepas~