Monday, June 28, 2010

The World Has Its Shine...

There's been a lot of sad news lately in the newspapers. People losing their minds, siblings who don't get along, seriously dysfunctional families and other maladies in our struggling and sometimes admittedly strange, society. Stories that make feel so lucky and thankful for all the blessings I have.

The movie Shutter Island gave a really strong message about how a person shouldn't ignore their close ones who start showing symptoms of mental instability. These people need help. Like the news about Johnny Dusok in The Star this morning. Who murdered his roommate and slashed his stomach, then stood on a high-rise building, bleeding, asking police to shoot him. He jumped.

I think we should take a small moment everyday to count our blessings even if a small few may have everything you thought would ever make you happy but really, they might not be happy at all. You might be happy as you are and not even know it. :)

I don't know why Asian families tend to be so close-knit but I think it's a good thing. Watching Judge Judy, Americans baffle me sometimes with the way some of them can sue their own mother, brother, sister, lesbian ex-girlfriend for debt (is there a price on family?) and other situations that completely overstep moral grounds. Some people are completely heartless.

On a lighter note, I'm kinda excited to be going home next month! I can finally celebrate my birthday at home! And see my dogs again! And exert my big-sis authority over my bratty little sisters, muahahahaha.... Plus, my sweet old granny is turning 80 this year! Love you, Nenek. &hearts And I don't wanna miss anymore weddings! (Missed quite a few...) I've been gone so long since college, there are new shopping malls I haven't walked into yet. Like Asia City (I know, it's old) and Suria Sabah. 1 Borneo, I can count how many times I've been there with one hand. Not enough!!!

Lucky-poo, you better not be obese when I get back!

Sabah, sweet Sabah. :)

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