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Home At Last!

I've been on the low recently especially last week because...

I am now a full-fledged graduate!! *proud*

Even if my degree is the randomest thing ever.

Packing all the belongings accumulated over 3 years nearly sapped my soul away and I ended up tossing a lot of crap away (some of them not even crap at all!) but now I'm comfortably at home with my family and my dogs! =D

It's going to be really hard to blog properly until my Streamyx line at home is reconnected. Being used to being connected at all times, at my share-house and on campus, this is pure and unadulterated torture.

Until then, I shall have to content myself with going online at various wireless hotspots around KK! Gawd I miss this place! ^^ (It rains everyday here.)

I just got back 2 days ago and my old friend, Wongy wants to bring me clubbing at some place called Firefly tomorrow... Should be interesting. I've never really gone clubbing properly in KK before (read: WITHOUT parents). White Room sounds awesome …

Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I've been waiting for the live-action version of Toki wo Kakeru Shojo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) to be released ever since I learnt Naka Riisa (Yankee-kun to Megane-chan) was starring in it. Based on a 1967 novel about a schoolgirl, Kazuko, who suddenly finds out she can time travel to the past and discovers a secret about someone she thought she knew. This novel has been adapted to films and TV dramas many times.

2010 live-action film trailer:

The 1983 film is supposed to be a classic but I can't find it anywhere so far. A pity though. The 1994 TV drama version stars a very young Uchida Yuki and looks rather cheesy for my liking (idol stars, hmph) and the most well-known version is the 2006 animated adaptation, which is a pseudo-sequel to the original, where the protagonist is Kazuko's niece.

The 2010 live action version (poster above) is supposed to be a direct sequel (about Kazuko's daughter) which is why I'm waiting for it eagerly. Naka Riisa also voiced Ma…

My First Experience as a Promoter

Working as a promoter in Mydin, Terengganu was both fun and painful at the same time. Thank heavens it lasted only 3 days (for the Nippon Paint Roadshow organized by Olie Events) and I'm half glad I'm graduating and will be leaving this place soon because I think I greeted a few hundred people in the space of a few days and encountered a lot of people I knew. I fear being recognized on KT streets as 'that Nippon girl'.

Together with Ah Hau the mascot!! Ain't he cute?!
I was helping out a friend and I've never done promotion work before so it was awkward at first. Working 12 hours a day is no joke. Vanessa is complete rubbish at this, haha! I came back after midnight everyday because usually the team would go out for supper afterwards even though the promoters were usually half dead by then. But the work paid off because we got over 1000 people registered for Nippon freebies! :D

Love my free Nippon tumbler! =D
Being the way that I am around people (read: unsociable)…

Maroon 5 is giving me Misery

Okay, cheesy blog titles aside, I heard this on the radio a while back but only bothered to look for it yesterday even though I recognized Adam Levine's distinct voice and Maroon 5's style of music straightaway and I was like, "Could it be?". *heart flutters*

The full music video is available on YT but I don't like it much. True to Maroon 5's (shall I say horny-ness?) style, it features a hot model who's really into Adam. This one in particular is Adam Levine's current Russian supermodel girlfriend in real life and here she completely embodies the term 'tough love'. I don't like violence in music videos especially and this one takes the cake.

Why I like this song? I pretty much felt like this in the hols. But I'm slowly grasping the threads of humanity once again and I love talking to random people on campus to fill in the gaps when I hardly spoke to anyone in the hols. Haha, so if you meet a random Sabahan girl this month who speaks …

World Cup Finals in Kuala Terengganu!

And yes, justice was served on a platter as the team who ousted Brazil was thwarted after almost 2 freakin' hours! It was a win not easily achieved but I'm so glad Spain won... VIVA ESPANA! (And Paul strikes yet again. He has an immaculate track record this WC.)

My friend Eva and I deliberated whether to go watch the WC finals in Kuala Terengganu somewhere (we have no TV in our house). So we tried two of the nearby cafes which were chock-ful of ah peks and in the end, drove all the way to the 24 hour McD in the heart of KT, which was the safest choice, seeing some people even brought their toddlers along. There were even uni students there, I think I spied some juniors and seniors watching together at the other end.

Btw, driving in the dead of the night in KT is NOT fun, a strange black calf came out of nowhere and a canine roadkill nearly scared the living daylights out of us.

Two McFlurries, one coffee and one large Coke later, finally Andres Iniesta (Spain) scored the winnin…

Quiet Thoughts...

When the wind sings a soft tune,
I heave a sigh and think of you,
Whichever path my feet will tread,
The one true path leads back to you.

What joy it is to spread my wings,
And soak in all the wondrous sights,
But come the time in my eyes, I see
The glint of yearning for familiar skies.
Gettin' more and more homesick everyday...
Somehow the closer my graduation day is, the more I can hardly wait to finally go back home... You'd think I would be used to this by now (I usually go back every 6 months), but not quite.
I met a junior here at church from Negeri Sembilan who was rather sad at being here. I have no idea what to do when people cry in front of me. *useless* Nobody seems to be particularly elated to be away from home at first, especially in a place like Terengganu. Talk about culture clash. :-/

I told her that uni is really fun, if you have good friends and can come to terms with the subjects you have to study, actually enjoy it, then uni becomes a v…

Coming up: Hotaru no Hikari Season 2!

The drama gods heard my prayers or peeked in my drama wishlist because kicking off this summer is Hotaru no Hikari Season 2!!! If there's any flaw with the first season, it's that the drama ended with an open ending and there was hardly any character development. Such an nerve-grating but sweet series. I haven't felt the urge to burn Ayase Haruka at the stake yet, which might not be the case with some other Japanese 'actresses'.

Plus they're bringin' in Osamu Mukai. Oh sweet Jesus. Might spazz out now from happiness at this dream casting. He's a little stiff yes but hopefully not as wooden as his predecessor in Season 1, Kato Kazuki. His presence in any drama is somewhat comforting. I even stuck through the intensely annoying Mei-chan no Shitsuji for him but I cried off at the end. The awfulness just hit the ceiling then.

I wonder what this spells for the Buchou-Hotaru connection? Fujiki Naohito is as evergreen as ever (it's so weird that he hasn'…

Review: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (2010)

Jdorama:Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん)
Episodes: 10
Year: Spring of 2010

What started out as an ordinary school jdorama, turned out to be one hell of addictive ride. By far, my favourite jdorama this season for giving me new actors to stalk such as Koyanagi Yu. Based on a popular manga (aka Flunk Punk Rumble) about a troublemaker (called a Yankee in Japan, no idea why) called Shinagawa and a 'reformed' Yankee, Adachi Hana or should I say, Hurricane Ada (this gets revealed in the first episode so no spoilers...yet). Shinagawa never meant to be a Yankee but after winning one fight in junior high, people kept chasing him one after the other and having no choice but to beat them all up, he became known as the school's No. 1 Yankee. Sound cheesy enough for you yet? He's always wanted to be a doctor though and studies hard enough to get into an elite high school where he meets Adachi who's really pushy and Shinagawa's just too nice to say no.

Chiba and Adachi p…

Things I'll Always Remember...

July is here and only three more weeks till graduation!!! Can't wait because I haven't been home since December last year and I am of the opinion that if you don't go back home often enough, you start to change or rather, everyone else back home will have changed (hopefully not unrecognizably so) or maybe even a bit of both.

Orientation week for new students has already started in UMT and I might take a peek over there tomorrow and see how they're doing. I remember the time I received the offer to UMT, I was aghast and mourned for a week. I didn't tell my mother until the week was over, and she promptly sent me packing off to Terengganu immediately. According to her, I am LUCKY to get a place in uni. T_T I know my matrics grades weren't up to snuff but this is sheer cruelty.

I packed my bags, packing the most conservative clothes in my closet, goodbye hotpants and weather-appropriate clothing, and set off to Terengganu, fearing the worst. I refused to register ea…