Friday, July 30, 2010

Home At Last!

I've been on the low recently especially last week because...

I am now a full-fledged graduate!! *proud*

Even if my degree is the randomest thing ever.

Packing all the belongings accumulated over 3 years nearly sapped my soul away and I ended up tossing a lot of crap away (some of them not even crap at all!) but now I'm comfortably at home with my family and my dogs! =D

It's going to be really hard to blog properly until my Streamyx line at home is reconnected. Being used to being connected at all times, at my share-house and on campus, this is pure and unadulterated torture.

Until then, I shall have to content myself with going online at various wireless hotspots around KK! Gawd I miss this place! ^^ (It rains everyday here.)

I just got back 2 days ago and my old friend, Wongy wants to bring me clubbing at some place called Firefly tomorrow... Should be interesting. I've never really gone clubbing properly in KK before (read: WITHOUT parents). White Room sounds awesome too!

Drama-watching will have to take a back seat for awhile. :-(


MissiLee said...

oh....heard of those places kk times square rite? seen a few pics of the interior...looks kinda bare..

varms said...

So did I... I still haven't been yet... Rotting away at home... I need a job...and a car... Please drop out of the sky!