Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maroon 5 is giving me Misery

Okay, cheesy blog titles aside, I heard this on the radio a while back but only bothered to look for it yesterday even though I recognized Adam Levine's distinct voice and Maroon 5's style of music straightaway and I was like, "Could it be?". *heart flutters*

The full music video is available on YT but I don't like it much. True to Maroon 5's (shall I say horny-ness?) style, it features a hot model who's really into Adam. This one in particular is Adam Levine's current Russian supermodel girlfriend in real life and here she completely embodies the term 'tough love'. I don't like violence in music videos especially and this one takes the cake.

Why I like this song? I pretty much felt like this in the hols. But I'm slowly grasping the threads of humanity once again and I love talking to random people on campus to fill in the gaps when I hardly spoke to anyone in the hols. Haha, so if you meet a random Sabahan girl this month who speaks crappy Malay in UMT, it's me.

Maroon 5's new album Hands All Over hits music stores on September 21.

P/S: I'm blogging from uni now... Let me tell you that Youtube and Facebook loads reaaaally slowly on campus and it's not even peak hours yet... *shifty eyes*

Image via On Location News

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