Monday, July 19, 2010

My First Experience as a Promoter

Working as a promoter in Mydin, Terengganu was both fun and painful at the same time. Thank heavens it lasted only 3 days (for the Nippon Paint Roadshow organized by Olie Events) and I'm half glad I'm graduating and will be leaving this place soon because I think I greeted a few hundred people in the space of a few days and encountered a lot of people I knew. I fear being recognized on KT streets as 'that Nippon girl'.

Together with Ah Hau the mascot!! Ain't he cute?!

I was helping out a friend and I've never done promotion work before so it was awkward at first. Working 12 hours a day is no joke. Vanessa is complete rubbish at this, haha! I came back after midnight everyday because usually the team would go out for supper afterwards even though the promoters were usually half dead by then. But the work paid off because we got over 1000 people registered for Nippon freebies! :D

Love my free Nippon tumbler! =D

Being the way that I am around people (read: unsociable), it was quite a challenge to greet everyone with a bright smile and some people tend to get the wrong idea. *sweatdrop* Met a few nasty people of course like the unfriendly Ogawa promoter with white specs whose job seems to be to sneer at other people 'beneath' him. But then there were of course the friendly families, team members and comical shopkeepers (kids really). Made a lot of new friends! It's a pity I'm leaving in a few weeks...

On the 3rd day, of all days, there was a party of anti-BN demonstrators *cough*mak cik*cough in front of Mydin who were there to protest the situation about flour and sugar in the country. Before that a lady distributed free articles and I was like, 'How nice!' and then when I laid eyes on the contents, the header read, 'Saiful Tidak Diliwat' (trans: Saiful was not sodomised). *blink* *blink*

Mak cik power!

After 3 days, I am completely DRAINED. I'm going to recharge my batteries now. But this week is giving me no breaks at all. I queued up for 4 hours just to get my graduation robe today! There's also my workload, a barbecue at my house tomorrow (great, more people) and a Catholic student meeting the day after that.

I miss my me time.

P/S: Don't you think asking people their religion the first time you meet them is a bit much? Because I do. It boggles the mind.

Only in West Malaysia.


MissiLee said...

poor thing...hope u manage to catch up on ur sleep!! but sounded like it was a gr8 experience =)

varms said...

It was fun.... but the kind of fun I wouldn't want to repeat any time soon, hahaha....

Giljed Jowes said...

It looked fun :)