Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quiet Thoughts...

When the wind sings a soft tune,
I heave a sigh and think of you,
Whichever path my feet will tread,
The one true path leads back to you.

What joy it is to spread my wings,
And soak in all the wondrous sights,
But come the time in my eyes, I see
The glint of yearning for familiar skies.


Gettin' more and more homesick everyday...
Somehow the closer my graduation day is, the more I can hardly wait to finally go back home... You'd think I would be used to this by now (I usually go back every 6 months), but not quite.


I met a junior here at church from Negeri Sembilan who was rather sad at being here. I have no idea what to do when people cry in front of me. *useless* Nobody seems to be particularly elated to be away from home at first, especially in a place like Terengganu. Talk about culture clash. :-/

I told her that uni is really fun, if you have good friends and can come to terms with the subjects you have to study, actually enjoy it, then uni becomes a very happy place indeed. She reminded me of a friend of mine who's graduating this year also who constantly weirds me out. I hope their personalities aren't the same but they look like mirror images of each other. @_@

But whatever choice you make. No regrets. There's just too much to live for. :)


Sara Jade said...

please ah. saya belum pulang ah. sudah 7 bulan aku kat sini, DON'T YOU MAKE NOISE THERE. lagi, aku tak balik sampai bulan september! SEPA LAGI SENGSARA HAH???!!

varms said...

You went back in January, what are you sayin'. And Chynie's there. *accusing glare*

You actually read my blog! Shock! Horror! Someone bust out the marching band!