Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Finals in Kuala Terengganu!

And yes, justice was served on a platter as the team who ousted Brazil was thwarted after almost 2 freakin' hours! It was a win not easily achieved but I'm so glad Spain won... VIVA ESPANA! (And Paul strikes yet again. He has an immaculate track record this WC.)

My friend Eva and I deliberated whether to go watch the WC finals in Kuala Terengganu somewhere (we have no TV in our house). So we tried two of the nearby cafes which were chock-ful of ah peks and in the end, drove all the way to the 24 hour McD in the heart of KT, which was the safest choice, seeing some people even brought their toddlers along. There were even uni students there, I think I spied some juniors and seniors watching together at the other end.

Btw, driving in the dead of the night in KT is NOT fun, a strange black calf came out of nowhere and a canine roadkill nearly scared the living daylights out of us.

Two McFlurries, one coffee and one large Coke later, finally Andres Iniesta (Spain) scored the winning goal. At last! We were beginning to think someone placed force fields over the goals because it seemed to deflect every single attempt. Everyone leapt to their chairs and whacked their red stick balloons for all it was worth.

A strange guy gestured to his McD stick balloon outside to me through the glass panel and I was blur for a sec. Then he hopped over the railing and went inside to present to me these...

...used stick balloons! (complete with fingernail marks! wth) They smelled vaguely like smoke but to thank him, I gave a good show of using it. Him and his mates were high-fiving outside after that, lol. And made me cheer along with him through the glass window. Wahahhahhaha!

Funny man in the red shirt, you startled me. But you and Spain sorta made my night! XD


Anonymous said...

shushumon wants go too... =(

varms said...

wahahahhaha... eva told me she misses you too!!!