Thursday, August 19, 2010

K-drama Whirl of Spooniness

Potentially good dramas worth watching this season seem to be My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Just aired) and Playful Kiss which will be airing this September. Now that I'm back on the Net again, I'm not gonna let this opportunity slip away! I've just realized that I'm quite behind in everything, dropped two dramas because I wanted to watch new ones (I usually get bored in the middle so if I finish a drama, it's either I have plenty of time or the story is what I would call Engaging.)

Anyway, here's a short round-up of my current drama-to-watch list:

Bread, Love and Dreams [KBS]: Epic, just epic. Love all the baking bits, it can be quite funny and Yoon Si Yun is amusing to watch. Touted as a national drama with ratings over 40%, this is much better than East of Eden in vast degrees. The downside is that, boy, do they pile on the drama. Can't help noticing that Ma Jun (the Kang Dong Won clone) walks a little gay (haha!) and I adore Mi Sun to bits (but it looks like Eugene is the heroine of the story...again.)

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox [SBS]: Currently airing now, I've only heard good things about it. Though I am a little preoccupied with Bread, Love and Dreams which is airing at the same time slot in South Korea. If only I liked Shim Min Ah more. But Lee Seung Ki has always been winsome enough for me! :)

Mischievous Kiss [MBC] : A remake of the Taiwanese hit drama (It Started with a Kiss) adapted from the Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss. Starring newcomer Jung So Min, the only thing keeping me from being invested in this li'l piece of sunshine is the casting of Kim Hyun Joong (BOF fame, SS501 popstar, bla bla bla) as the lead. The man is a pretty statue. Though I must say his short stint in Gummy's As A Man music video does possess a glimmer of potential but nevertheless, lackluster. He kind of reminds me of Ju Ji Hoon in his Goong days.

That's all I can manage for now. Having lappie problems and it's driving me bonkers. Please Goddess of the Ancient Lappie, last at least another year!


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