Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been wondering why I'm such a crater of empty blog posts this month... Sure, it's mostly because I only got my Internet back recently but I fear a lot of it has to do with acute boredom. I really miss my old and new friends (The Olie gang! Hahahaha...) back in Terengganu... *sigh*

Anyway, I noticed my bangs getting longer and I didn't want to go to a trip to the hairdresser's just for my bangs so I snipped a bit off myself... Lol! (CHEAPSKATE!) I'm trying real hard not to die my hair again because I'm still sticking to my resolution to be dye free by the end of this year. I guess my hair's suffered enough abuse the last couple of years, what with the dying and perming.

Problem is people think I look like a kid now with my current 'do. My youngest sis, Vanna, thinks I look dandy. But I would not place a lot of faith in the opinion of a 13 year old. Ignore the crap behind me. That's the corner of my room where I dump all my what-nots.

Meant to blog about this the other day. It was really unexpected and I was like Whoa when I got something from Stesen Televisyen Malaysia Bhd. Turns out that it was a consolation prize when I took part in the Galaxieblog contest for Vampire Diaries because I really wanted the VD goodie bag but I got this instead. An 8TV goodie bag wrapped up in a Suki poster. I didn't know it was a poster and I ripped a bit of her head. Oh well. Thanks anyway 8TV! :)

8TV's superhero baby mascot has a name: Pow Pow. Who knew?

I'm really looking forward to this movie. I watch almost any Korean romcom flicks as long as the movie doesn't look too cheap or 2nd-rate. This latest one called Cyrano Dating Agency is a new take on an old story. You know, the one where one not so good-looking character helps a good-looking friend to win a gorgeous someone's heart but ends up falling for him/her instead? Anyway, it's based on the play, Cyrano de Bergerac.

Lee Min Jung is absolutely one of my fave actresses around. She's just so...naturally pretty. Uhm Tae Woong is so-so for me, he takes on the Cyrano character and Daniel Choi is the stud who needs dating help. Oh and Park Shin Hye is also in this one as Cupid or something. The male cast isn't thrilling me at the moment, would have so loved Jung Kyung Ho as Cyrano but then it has distinct possibilities.

Till saner days! :D


Anonymous said...

your room's a mess!! clean it up =p

varms said...

only that corner!!