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Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury! *squeal*

Love this EPIC bit of casting!! Queen just has so amazing songs, songs I actually know, I mean, it's not like I was familiar with any of Johnny Cash's songs in Walk the Line. Everyone has always noted the similarity between Queen and Cohen before this.

Freddie Mercury was certainly rather...eclectic in his music videos. Guess I know why Gaga is the way she is. I'm looking forward to the 2011 movie already! But can Cohen really sing? XD

"I am as gay as a daffodil, my dear..."
My school, St. Francis Convent, Kota Kinabalu, used to sing Bohemian Rhapsody every year at choir competitions and I remember listening to them practice almost every frickin' day. They had it down pat and I loved listening to the school choir those days... :)

Besides the Freddie Mercury movie, does this new Korean flick, Psychic, starring Kang Dong-won and Go Soo not look awesome? I liked a lot of Kang's films such as Duelist and Jeon Woochi. Didn't quite finish M however. These art…

From Vanny the Working Girl

Someone I know expressed his disgust at my recent slew of hormonally-charged posts so I've decided to not be quite so fangirly in this one. ;-) But heck, if you don't like it, don't read it...

Sisters have left for KL and I miss them already... Though I do appreciate having my room back all to myself. Saree's depressed already over there (I feel you, girl) and Chynie's, well, looking forward to Christmas I guess. My long lost Uncle Lawrence (my term for rarely-comes-to-Sabah) will be back this week from Canada and I pray I won't be too tired to be pleasant company. :-P

I get an off day per week so if I only seem to be updating my blog once a week, don't be surprised!! It's a good thing I love my job enough to sacrifice my skin and bear through rainy boat rides. (Am down with a cold today... Acchhuuu!) And I must be the only genius in the world to drop a diving weight on my own big toe. It's gotten big and purple. *sob*

Anyway, hopefully my stamina and …

Of Cute Back-up Dancers

What I would give to know this boy's name! Such a cutie! Though I'm probably older since he's a back-up dancer in a 2NE1's Inkigayo stage performance of Go Away. (YG, please let him debut someday! *fingers crossed*) The girls are of course, amazing as usual... Heck, no surprises there.

It's my favourite track off their album To Anyone and I really appreciate how they shook up the choreography a bit. It's really hard to bring something new to the already congested world of Kpop where they move from one concept to another in the space of a few months.

Can't wait for their next performances of Go Away!! Meanwhile, it's hard to get this track out of my head! :D

Thing I Laughed At The Most Today

Zac Efron. With a beard.

I know Leonardo DiCaprio and Shia La Beouf hit it big after going grizzly, but it seems wrong on the pretty-eyed actor.

This little blurb is just an excuse for me to say that I am officially not jobless anymore! I start work this week as a Junior Marine Biologist. Job, I implore you to inspire me.

The Dawn of the Beta Males

I have heard several complaints from my friends about where have all the manly men gone? Well, let me tell you now that in the age of modern technology, sometimes that hunk of muscle might not have the brain to match all that brawn.

Plus, I guess we're all sick of seeing the same type of guy over and over again that these wimpy heroes who are probably best suited as side-kick material in the days of Conan, are grabbing the spotlight and charming their way in dorky fashion to the hearts of females and gay men everywhere.

I have accumulated a few examples below:

Exhibit A

Jay Baruchel has been getting the girl in Sorcerer's Apprentice, Fanboys and She's Out of My League. Anyone jealous yet? He was a physics genius/sorcerer in SA which just proves the nerds are here to rule. It's like the Revenge of the Nerds movies all over again and hotter than ever.

Exhibit B

Here we have the affable Zachary Levi as the hapless secret agent with top secret CIA files installed in his brain a.…

Park Shi Hoo's New Gig in Haru

My first glimpse of Park Shi Hoo again after Prosecutor Princess! *swoon* I swear no other man has ever looked THAT good in a crisp white shirt and apron (I'm biased). Anyway, various sources tell me that 'Haru' will be an omnibus drama to showcase the beauty of South Korea and is sponsored by the Korean Tourism Board. Big Bang is also in this so there's more to look forward to aside the likes of Kim Bum, Yunho, Lee Da Hae and Han Chae Young.

Check the teaser out below:

Park Shi Hoo's next drama will be Queen of Reversals which is the sequel to Queen of Housewives. I watched that drama right through the end and I have no idea why, maybe it was for Oh Ji-Ho's dimples, but all the chatter/back-stabbing was a pain in the neck. Park's character looks like he'll be a second fiddle character (aww!) but I hope he gets to smile a lot because his onscreen presence shines the most in cute parts! He's absolutely no fun when he's all mopey and serious. I wasn…

The Lies That Keep Us Happy

When you were small, sometimes parents like to sugarcoat reality to keep you happy or rather, off their backs for a few more years without being asked the same question over and over again.

Maybe it keeps you in that happy land where your next thought is when am I gonna go to the playground again? Or CAANNDDY! Or let's play Tourguide Barbie and marry her to that legless Ken doll (the only one I ever owned)!

Anyway, this was one of those times...

Me: Mummy, why do I have such a lot of leg hair?? I thought girls weren't supposed to be hairy!

Mum: Don't worry, dear. It will all fall off when you're older.

Me: Really?

Mum: Really.

Me:*skips gaily away*

Moral of the story: Mums can be such good liars.

Little did I know back then that she was probably referring to this:

*insert heavenly music*


Trippy Korean Street Styles

I just found this site I really like. Y'all know how obsessed I am with all things Korean right? Well, this site is like pure heaven!

Love how they actually show us the street trends in Korea at the moment, from the highschoolers to the working class. Although I doubt very much I would suit a lot of their styles, I love how Koreans look so put together while Japanese people can dress completely wacky.

At the moment it looks like the demure look with frilly dresses, high hemlines, thick strappy heels, sporty/hiphop styles (popular with young people), stockings-and-sneakers, red hair and other styles seem pretty popular at the moment. One style I can't stand is the knee stockings. But they're like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies.

I also found this real sweet article on the site too. Kinda made me go awww, but then again, that's just me. A sucker for chick flicks. :DDD

P/S: While we're on that subject, Dear John was awesome (but Channing Tatum??…