Saturday, September 11, 2010

Park Shi Hoo's New Gig in Haru

My first glimpse of Park Shi Hoo again after Prosecutor Princess! *swoon* I swear no other man has ever looked THAT good in a crisp white shirt and apron (I'm biased). Anyway, various sources tell me that 'Haru' will be an omnibus drama to showcase the beauty of South Korea and is sponsored by the Korean Tourism Board. Big Bang is also in this so there's more to look forward to aside the likes of Kim Bum, Yunho, Lee Da Hae and Han Chae Young.

Check the teaser out below:

Park Shi Hoo's next drama will be Queen of Reversals which is the sequel to Queen of Housewives. I watched that drama right through the end and I have no idea why, maybe it was for Oh Ji-Ho's dimples, but all the chatter/back-stabbing was a pain in the neck. Park's character looks like he'll be a second fiddle character (aww!) but I hope he gets to smile a lot because his onscreen presence shines the most in cute parts! He's absolutely no fun when he's all mopey and serious. I wasn't planning on catching this drama at all but they had to go and cast the one actor I'm currently crazy about so there you go.

Meanwhile, I'm juggling between Bread Love and Dreams, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho aaand Playful Kiss so it's been a lot to take in at the moment and I'm really behind. They all seem to be good dramas it's just that I'm not as invested in any of them as I was with Prosecutor Princess. But seriously, Bread Love and Dreams ROCKS anyhow.

Sisters are back for the holidays and they've been keeping me busy. (OMG! Watched Step Up 3 the other day and it was wickedly awesome!) Anyway, I missed them lots. Even if my girlfriends aren't around, they'll always be my go-to girls. :D

And not forgetting, to all my friends and everybody celebrating this festive season, I wish you "SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!!!" I'm gonna stuff my face full of rendang and raya cakes next week coz that's how I roll...

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