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Just a blurb about this month

My internet at home has been disconnected and until it is reconnected again I won't be updating much or at all this month. So this is a head's up. =___=

This past week has been a crazy haze of dinners, dancing, pinkness and relatives. I'm gonna repeat what my sis gushed about on her blog: I have IRISH cousins!!! How cool is that, love their accents to bits! SO SEXI. And my cousin invited me over to Dublin for her birthday in March and I totally want to go! (I wish.) And my li'l cousin, Johanna, whispered to me that they're Irish so they give you gold! HAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA! She thinks they're leprechauns or something. Sweet child.

Anyway, the dancing was crazy, never knew how difficult it was to dance in heels wtf, really need dancing classes to help me on that score (if I can get over dancing with a man with a nicer butt than mine). Probably gonna upload the dinner and wedding pics (my cousin Mary Joan got hitched last wednesday! Whoop whoop!) when I get reconnect…

Katy Perry's Peacock

Katy Perry has released a new single off her brand new album, 'Teenage Dream' and it sure is a feisty one. True to her 'I Kissed A Girl' days, the song, 'Peacock' is just as appalling but you get used it after a few listens. Though it really makes me wonder if it will ever hit the airwaves since everyone knows what kind of architecture Katy's admiring. :D

I was kind of grossed out by this video the first time I watched it. But the song sort of grew on me. And I had the brilliant idea of using it as my ringtone today at work... Not the brightest idea in the world since my phone rang in the middle of the office. FML.

Of Ultimate Frisbee and Ruling an Empire

Lately, I've been busy. So busy in fact, that blogging and my social life is wearing down thin. I'm trying to strike the perfect balance so that my already almost non-existent social life won't be extinguished completely.

What I've been doing this last week:

Ultimate Frisbee
This game of pain will make all you couch potatoes huff and puff on the field like me. And I haven't ran so much since I ran for Boeing house in high school. But I have the perfect excuse to cry off from playing Ultimate Frisbee tomorrow. And yes, I have only recently been introduced to this sport.

It's not as easy as you think. Catching those little swirling plates of evil can be quite tricky to grasp and the game involves a lot of running from one side of the field to another. Being the clumsy fool I am, I fell down THREE times and bumped into TWO people at the same time, head-on. Mortifying. But the people ARE nice, so I might join them again another day. (Am I being too optimistic?)


Hoping for an Oktoberfest

I'm so happy to say that...I love my job. I'm always fearful of being one of those people who moan at the end of the day, "Gawwwwwd, I hate my job!" and I can now breathe a sigh of relief that I'm spared from being a pale office robot...for now.

Based on my own personal ethics, yeah, I won't be blogging about friends, relatives or workmates coz all that creates the kind of shiz I'm eager to avoid. I've seen other bloggers do the same and they've been through the whole shebang and learnt from it.

Interesting site of note:! Just how awesome is it to see how people embarrass themselves or showcase their wittiness on Facebook? Kinda like a Facebook failblog. My sis introduced me to this delightful little crumpet.

Weekend off this week, spectacular news! This is RARE. And it's the first day of the month! I think the monsoon may be starting soon, sea's getting a little more choppier and lightning storms abound almost every eve…