Friday, October 01, 2010

Hoping for an Oktoberfest

I'm so happy to say that...I love my job. I'm always fearful of being one of those people who moan at the end of the day, "Gawwwwwd, I hate my job!" and I can now breathe a sigh of relief that I'm spared from being a pale office robot...for now.


Based on my own personal ethics, yeah, I won't be blogging about friends, relatives or workmates coz all that creates the kind of shiz I'm eager to avoid. I've seen other bloggers do the same and they've been through the whole shebang and learnt from it.

Interesting site of note:! Just how awesome is it to see how people embarrass themselves or showcase their wittiness on Facebook? Kinda like a Facebook failblog. My sis introduced me to this delightful little crumpet.

Weekend off this week, spectacular news! This is RARE. And it's the first day of the month! I think the monsoon may be starting soon, sea's getting a little more choppier and lightning storms abound almost every evening. Get yer raincoats out if you're in KK!

Cheers to a splendid October, everyone!

P.S. I'm re-reading Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones. Awesome as always. Never fails to make me snigger to myself in a corner. If you aren't aware of this, I am an AVID reader and fan of her books! BLISS. Ah, Vanessa. You child.

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